Boomcaster Launches Version 2 Of Its Podcasting Platform

Boomcaster,  a podcasting, vodcasting, and live-streaming platform built for independent creators, announced the launch of version two of their cloud-based recording platform. Founded in 2020, the new feature release marks an important milestone for the company and offers users a more powerful way to create their audio and video content.

With Boomcaster’s v2 release, Founder and CEO Hari Gopalakrishna hopes “creator have the tools they need to bring their work to life…we’ve been hard at work on this update since we launched Boomcaster last year” This new version of the platform provides creators with features like:

Realtime Closed Captions: Make your recording session inclusive and accessible to all participants through closed captions in 30+ languages.

Transcripts and Subtitles: Listeners can now easily edit transcripts inside of Boomcaster and export in various formats for publishing.

Screen Share: The improved screen share feature makes it easier than ever to collaborate with guests during recording sessions.

Studio: Creators can now create multiple podcasts and associated branding, making it easier to manage multiple shows.

Multistream Podcast Interviews: Reach more listeners by streaming simultaneously to several destinations.

Studio Composed Recordings: Boomcaster now automatically generates mixed audio and video files with all the customizations from the studio.

With its existing features and new update, Bookcaster focuses on creating the most reliable and user-friendly podcast recording solution, with a priority to ensure users never lose a recording and that your podcast interviews are of the highest quality.

Danny Brown, 10+ year podcast veteran and host and creator of several podcasts, including One Minute Podcast Tips, Pod Chat, and The Little Pod of Inspiration, says, “I am a huge fan of Boomcaster. Used pretty much all remote options, and Boomcaster ticks all the boxes. Excellent features, separate wav and video (up to 4K), branded green room, built for indie podcasters/creators. Loving the new features in v2 – more quality control for the podcast and some very cool options for creators with multiple shows.”

The Boomcaster team sourced ideas from its community to build the new version and is committed to listening to creators and making improvements where needed. Marcus DePaula, professional audio & video engineer, podcast consultant, and founder of Me Only Louder ( states, “Boomcaster is what I use for myself and what I recommend to my clients. Hari and team works hard to keep the platform highly reliable and easy to use. I love the new features in V2 like the studios, which I will be using for each of my client shows.”

The newest version of the indie podcasting platform is live and ready to try with a free trial for new users.


Boomcaster Provides Studio-Quality Recordings

Boomcaster, a recently launched podcasting and vodcasting platform, provides studio-quality recordings and the ability to livestream to YouTube and Facebook.

Boomcaster is setting up new benchmarks for production quality by recording each participant locally, in real time, and then uploading the files to the Boomcaster cloud. The result is studio-quality audio and video that is unaffected by network glitches or bandwidth issues. By recording locally, Boomcaster doesn’t rely on the quality of each participant’s network connection, which can result in poor-quality audio recording.

Raf Los, who has been using Boomcaser for his Down The Security Rabbit Hole Podcast, said, “The best part of Boomcaster is knowing that I will get super-high-quality audio and video as separate tracks, regardless of the network-related issues like out-of-sync audio, grainy video, etc., that can happen during a podcast recording session.”

Boomcaster, which doesn’t require users to download software, creates a separate web recording as a backup so users are guaranteed never to lose an interview. Boomcaster also allows users to schedule podcasts and send invitations.

Users can also customize Boomcaster sessions with their logo and color palette to brand their podcasts and vodcasts.

Hari Gopalakrishna, the founder and CEO of Boomcaster, created the service after realizing the quality of his podcasts fluctuated based on the bandwidth and strength of his internet connection. He also needed separate tracks for editing and wanted to livestream while recording; the alternative was to have each participant download and install specialized software on their computers, which, he said, “seemed daunting for us and our guests. This is what set me on a journey to build a super-reliable, but simple podcast recording solution for professionals and novices alike.”

“I have been a podcaster for a long time and have used different software for recording and live-streaming. Boomcaster is hands down one of the simplest and the most user-friendly application I have come across,” said Mitch Robbins, host of The Med-tech Talent Lab.