Ecamm Brings Call Recorder to FaceTime

Ecamm logoEcamm’s Skype Call Recorder has been a venerable tool for podcasters who use a Mac. Now Ecamm has brought Call Recorder to Apple’s FaceTime software. From the Ecamm website:

With Call Recorder you get perfect recordings of your FaceTime chats, podcasts and interviews, side by side in crystal clear HD.

Feel like sharing? Convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting or internet-ready movies for YouTube and Vimeo.

Doing some editing? Call Recorder lets you split the audio tracks after a call.

FaceTime Recorder also allows for recording of iPhone Handoff calls which is a nice addition to the software package.

FaceTime Recorder is available for download as a free trial. A license for the program can be purchased for $29.95. I haven’t used FaceTime Recorder yet but I can see how it could make for a valuable addition to any Mac-based podcaster’s toolkit. Visit the Ecamm website (linked above) or watch this video for more information on Call Recorder for FaceTime.

Call Recorder for FaceTime from Ecamm Network on Vimeo.

Record Skype calls easily with Call Recorder

Call Recorder LogoSkype is an essential item in any podcaster’s toolkit. And podcasters are always looking for ways to record and save the audio produced during a Skype call. Over the years, podcasters have relied on various hardware/software combinations and techniques to achieve this goal with some methods being more complex than others.

If you’re a podcaster using a Mac and you need a simple and reliable way to record Skype calls, take a look at Call Recorder by Ecamm. Call Recorder is an application that works directly with Skype to record audio or video calls. It also comes with a collection of extras that can be used to convert your Skype recording to other media formats.

Installation of Call Recorder is pretty straight forward. Just download the installer from the Ecamm website and run it like you would any other Mac software installer. Once it’s up and running, Call Recorder automatically launches when you run Skype.

Skype and Call Recorder
Call Recorder opens automatically when you launch Skype.

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