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Con Before the Storm will Include World of Podcasts

Con Before the Storm is a Blizzcon event by fans, and for fans. It takes place the night before Blizzcon, and includes guest “personalities”, podcasters, streamers, pro teams, artists, and fans across all Blizzard Games. Con Before the Storm has announced that this year’s event will include World of Podcasts.

2018 is the sixth year of Con Before the Storm. They held a successful kickstarter in order to raise funding for the event. One of their stretch goals was a $24,500 tier which, if raised, would enable Con Before the Storm to include World of Podcasts in the 2018 event.

World of Podcasts will include live panels with your favorite podcasters from across the Blizzard Universe talking about Blizzard games. They also have virtual panels as well, and the audio is always posted for consumption on your favorite podcast listening device.

At the time I am writing this blog post, Con before the Storm is in the planning stages of the World of Podcasts event. They are seeking people who produce a podcast that covers a Blizzard game who are interested in participating on a World of Podcasts panel.

Con Before the Storm Prepares for its 6th Year

Con Before the Storm is a pre-Blizzcon event that is organized by fans, for fans. It is currently on Kickstarter and (at the time I am writing this) has $11,882 pledged of a $13,500 goal.

Wondering what Con Before the Storm is all about? It’s a pre-Blizzcon event organized by fans, for fans. 2018 will make this our 6th year hosting the event and it’s all thanks to the support of the amazing community! Last year we had over 140 backers who helped fund a party that hosted over an estimated 6,000 people!

Con Before the Storm is for fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s games. The event takes place the night before BlizzCon. It is a free event that includes World of Podcasts – which typically includes panels of people who are involved in podcasts about Blizzard’s games.

I have attended two Con Before the Storm parties, and had a great time at both. One of the best parts of the event is that it is an excellent place to meet podcasters who focus on Blizzard’s games, streamers who play those games on Twitch, eSports personalities, and the people you’ve been playing video games with. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to view fan art from talented artists.

The Con Before the Storm Kickstarter has a $24,500 tier. If that tier is reached, Con Before the Storm will be able to make this year’s World of Podcasts a reality. Their vision for World of Podcasts 2018 is to showcase the talent in two rooms, with panels running concurrently from start to finish. It appears that part of their goal is to be able to have every panel equally equipped for recording and presentation this year.

Con Before the Storm Prepares for its 5th Anniversary

Con Before The Storm is a fantastic, fun, pre-Blizzcon event that is for fans of video game podcasts, streamers, and pro esports teams, and artists that make game related artwork. The event is on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $14,000. At the time I am writing this blog, they have raised $12,040.

Con Before the Storm started out as a podcasting event that featured podcasts that focused on video games made by Blizzard Entertainment. The event has grown every year, and will have its fifth anniversary this year.

People can attend the event for free. The Kickstarter is intended to raise money to pay for at least three conference rooms, which will include their Art Gallery, Meet & Greet, World of Podcasts, a photobooth, and bartenders to serve the party-goers. The World of Podcast portion of Con Before the Storm typically includes panel discussions featuring hosts and co-hosts of podcasts about Blizzard’s games.

If Con Before the Storm raises their goal of $14,000, they will begin working on some stretch goals. The first stretch goal is $16,500, so they will be able to host the Frogpants and Amove.tv meetup. The next stretch goal is $19,000, which will allow them to move their Meet & Greet into a ballroom, and to put World of Podcasts into its own room.

Assuming they raise the money they need, Con Before the Storm will take place on Thursday, November 2, 2017, in Anaheim, California. The event has always taken place the night before Blizzcon. A person does not have to be attending Blizzcon in order to attend Con Before the Storm.

Con Before the Storm has a Kickstarter

Con Before the Storm logo Podcaster NewsThose of you who have attended Blizzcon in the past two years may have heard about World of Podcasts. The event was in its second year in 2014. It included panels of podcasters whose shows focused on one of the games made by Blizzard Entertainment. Since last year, World of Podcasts has gotten bigger and is now called Con Before the Storm.

World of Podcasts is not an official part of Blizzcon. In October of 2014, I interviewed Xia who is one of the people who helped create and organize World of Podcasts. I was able to attend their 2014 event, and it was a blast!

The World of Podcasts event was held the night before Blizzcon started and it featured panels of podcasters whose shows focused on video games made by Blizzard Entertainment. In 2014, there was a whole lot more going on including an art gallery, a Hearthstone tournament, and a fun photo area with backgrounds from Blizzard’s games.

This year, World of Podcasts has grown and become Con Before the Storm. Once again, it will feature podcasters whose shows focus on the video games made by Blizzard Entertainment. This year, in addition to the panels, the event will have a good way for people to chat with the podcasters after a talk has ended. In other words, people who want to connect with the featured podcasters will have an easier way to speak with them at the event.

There is a Kickstarter for Con Before the Storm. It has reached it’s original goal of $5,000 and is now working on funding some interesting stretch goals. For full details, I suggest you check out their Kickstarter. There is still time to get in on some of the rewards that connect to specific pledge amounts. At the time I am writing this blog, there are 25 days left before the Kickstarter ends.

The Con Before the Storm event/party will be held at the Hilton hotel that is near the Anaheim Convention center (where Blizzcon 2015 will take place). Having attending the first and second iteration of the event, I am certain that Con Before the Storm will be exciting and fun.