Futuri Launches SpotOn, To Generate Fully Produced Commercials And Spec Spots.

Futuri, the leader in AI-powered software solutions for the media industry, announced the launch of SpotOn,  a revolutionary new technology designed to streamline the commercial creative process. SpotOn optimizes AI to instantly generate effective, standout creative to vastly improve operational efficiencies and help close more business.

SpotOn is an end-to-end AI solution that uses generative AI to craft compelling copy to promote a client’s product or service. Users can select voiceover talent from a vast library of human-cloned or synthetic voices, available in dozens of languages. To finish the production, SpotOn offers a fully licensed music library designed to help users match the right tone and tempo to appeal to the audience, captivating their attention from start to finish.

Each spot is meticulously structured and scripted to hit the right points and make a brand’s message resonate. Spots can run on-air as-is, or serve as a powerful first draft for a brand’s production team to fine-tune. The SpotOn system is so simple and intuitive that media account executives can even create commercials “on the spot,” delivering the wow factor to earn the client’s business and expedite the sales profess. The AI-powered audio production system can also generate spot tags and station liners.

“Futuri’s SpotOn is yet another example of how AI can be an incredible assistant for growth. With SpotOn, brands can save countless hours by streamlining the production process and speeding up the sales cycle,” said Futuri CEO and Founder Daniel Anstandig. “Now sales teams can deliver spec spots and commercials to any client, regardless of size, instantly. We believe the best way to get clients to appreciate the power of audio is for them to hear it themselves, and SpotOn makes that possible at scale.”

About Futuri

Futuri is the leading provider of AI-driven content, audience, and sales technology for media companies and creators. Brands rely on Futuri solutions to make their content more relevant, accessible, engaging, and results-driven. Founded in 2009, Futuri holds 18 published or pending patents in 151 countries. Named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for eight consecutive years, Futuri is known for helping media companies grow their revenue, audience, and content.

Futuri Podcasting System POST Launches Major Update

Futuri, the leading provider of AI-driven audience engagement and sales intelligence solutions for broadcasters, announced a major update to its patented and patent-pending POST podcasting system. POST is relied on by thousands of top-performing audio creators to quickly and efficiently capture, edit, package, and distribute PPM-encoded broadcast content, as well as original podcasts, on multiple audio and video platforms.

The POST update includes:

A new in-app audio editor. This powerful, yet simple-to-use, editor is designed to save production time, speed up distribution of timely content, and enable audio brands to quickly make simple edits to their on-demand broadcast content to keep people listening longer.

Customizable widgets: A new suite of customizable widgets makes it easy to apply station brand standards to their embedded audio.

Improved ad insertion capabilities: POST’s ad marker and mid-roll capabilities have gotten an update, making it easier for stations to monetize their on-demand broadcast and original podcast audio.

Much more, including streamlined publishing to third-party destinations; enhanced chapter markers and analytics; and new features that make it easier to switch to POST from another podcast provider (paired with Futuri’s white-glove US-based support).

The update comes as Futuri released a new white paper, Growing Audience with On-Demand Broadcast Audio. It includes new data from a nationwide study on On-Demand Broadcast Audio (ODBA), also known as time shifted audio, across all PPM markets, conducted by Nielsen, which reviewed millions of occasions of minute-level data. The white paper examines the current state of On-Demand Broadcast Audio and reveals POST’s unique ability to maximize ROI on broadcast content by quickly, efficiently editing and parsing content, packaging with metadata, and publishing this audio.

Key findings include:

Challenging the perception that podcasts and on-demand content are only consumed “on the go,” Neilson found that 63% of all ODBA listening is at-home (37%OOH). Three of the top five formats are music formats, with CHR and AC over-indexing on the at-home number – 77% and 79%, respectively.

Stations using POSt are over 5x more likely than non-POST stations to have on-demand PPM broadcast audio minutes captured by Nielsen, showcasing the unique results delivered by POST’s patented system.

Average minutes per on-demand broadcast audio listening session for stations using POST is nearly 30% higher than stations not using POST.

Demographics: The breakdown of on-demand broadcast audio published through POST is 50.2% Female vs. 49.8% Male, compared to 39% Female / 61% Male for content published by non-POST stations.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently issued a U.S. Patent for POST. The patent adds to Futuri’s diverse portfolio of technology patents, protecting a broad range of methods released to POST, which automatically captures, parses, and publishes on-demand audio and video content to a multitude of social channels and audio, video, and podcast platforms.