iVoox Adds New Monetization Model For Professional Podcasts

The leading platform for podcasts in Spanish, iVoox, launches  an economic delivery system based on the insertion of dynamic advertising within the audios. It is a new advertising format that will allow the sale of direct campaigns through its advertising marketplace, AdVoices. 

The company continues to work to be the best option to publish, distribute, and monetize a podcast, and with this new source of income it complements its monetization models, such as direct support from the audience and iVoox Plus subscription, sponsorships of the affiliation, with which more than €3.3M have already been generated for their creators.

Thanks to the new model, which until now has only been available for iVoox Originals, creators who publish their podcast in iVoox will be able to earn money from the advertising inserted in their episodes. They will generate revenue from listens both on the platform and outside, on Spotify, Google Podcast, or Apple Podcasts.

In this way, advertising brands will be able to broadcast audio spots for their campaign in specific podcasts on all the platforms where the creators distribute their content. This new way of advertising is added to the possibility of contracting review campaigns, mentions or dedicated episodes, as they could do up to now.

In this first phase of implementation, ads will be added in a non-intrusive way for the listener. Once the first phase of testing is complete, iVoox will incorporate a new feature whereby creators will be able to add ads in the middle of their episodes, choosing the exact point and amount of ads.

“In a first stage we are testing adding audio ads from ad networks, with the aim of optimizing settings and fill rates that will allow us to end up selling direct campaigns for our creators,” explains Juan Ignacio Solera, founder of iVoox. This is a combination of revenue for podcasters, where on the one hand there is revenue from direct ads through AdVoices and, on the other hand, programmatic network advertising, whereby the podcaster will receive a share of the revenue, as YouTube does.

Quality ads, and always updated

The new dynamic advertising inserted in the episodes will be served on all listening platforms, and takes into account the target and profile of each podcaster’s listeners to deliver ads that are tailored to their values and content. To do this, it uses industry-leading third-party technology to add targeted direct campaigns through AdVoices and programmatic advertising ads from large advertisers.

This ensures quality ad integration for the duration of the campaign, always at the right time and to the right audience, meaning that a podcast will never contain an outdated ad. In addition, it will allow advertising to be included in any of the episodes published, regardless of the date of publication, but taking into account when users listen to them.

This new dynamic advertising model will benefit both large and small creators. Those who meet the requirements will be eligible for monetary distribution, and those who do not will get promotional actions for their podcasts with the aim of helping them to increase their audience on all platforms where they are distributed.

iVoox Launches Its New Podcast App For iOS

With a completely new interface, it has been designed to make listening and discovering podcasts easier for iVoox’s more than 5 million users.

The iVoox application was a pioneer in 2009, and during this time it has become a benchmark with the largest audio offer in Spanish. It has more than 420,000 podcasts in Spanish, audiobooks and radio stations on any topic.

It also has the largest catalog of exclusive and free podcasts in Spanish, with more than 200 podcasts. In addition, with its iVoox Plus subscription service, listeners can enjoy more than 700,000 exclusive paid episodes of podcasts and audiobooks.

The leading platform for podcasts in Spanish, iVoox, has launched its new application for iOS on the App Store, with a totally renewed design following current trends, and which presents improvements in usability, new features to make it more accessible, as well as a dark theme for better visibility.

With its new interface, the podcast app for iOS has been redesigned to make listening and discovering podcasts easier for listeners. One of the big new features is the easier management of the play queue that includes native iOS features such as Long-press and swipes to perform actions quickly.

New podcast discovery and accessibility improvements

In addition to these improvements, there is a search system, which includes tags to filter the results that reorganize their presentation in a more accessible way in the thematic cards. Also, it incorporates a new related tab to the podcast screen, where listeners can find other shows and playlists from the creators, as well as other similar podcasts.

The home page also features changes aimed at facilitating the discovery of new content, with larger personalized recommendation covers and direct access to the explore section, which offers thousands of episodes, podcasts, audiobooks and radios on any topic. 

The company works to incorporate a greater depth of thematic exploration that facilitates the discovery of collections curated by its editorial experts. Also, for listeners with limited time, the new “Surprise me” button allows them to instantly receive episode suggestions based on their interests and listening times.

The new app also facilitates access to the listener’s content and, with the new Library section, puts their favorite content always at their fingertips. In the Library, they will find their podcasts, lists, downloads and other content in one place. Visually, the platform has a more elegant, minimalist and efficient design, with a dark mode that improves visibility and battery consumption.

As in previous versions, the app is still compatible with CarPlay, and its new version renews the car mode for safer driving. Likewise, iVoox is working on its adaptation for Apple Watch, which will allow listening to all its podcast, radios, and audiobooks without the need to carry your cell phone with you.

iVoox will continue to add features through these continuous improvement processes to enrich the experience of its listeners and facilitate the expansion of the podcast to new audiences.

iVoox Launches iVoox Plus – First Spanish Language Podcast Subscription Service

The leading Spanish language audio on-demand platform launches a new pioneering subscription model in the podcast world, with the most exclusive content in Spanish.

The more than 5 million iVoox users will be able to access a catalog of more than 10,000 exclusive episodes from the best shows, which will increase every week.

With this new service, that generates income for podcasters regardless of the number of listeners they have, iVoox complements the rest of the monetization initiatives already developed by the platform. iVoox will have already have distributed close to one million USD among the podcast producers at the end of the year.

Maintains the company’s commitment to lead the professionalization of the podcast ecosystem, which began 3 years ago, offering a wide and diverse quality content.

The Spanish audio on-demand platform launches iVoox Plus the first podcast subscription service for listeners allowing the podcaster to generate revenues from its content. This new service will add to the podcasters’ revenue already generated thanks to the audience direct support in the Subscriptions for Fans scheme.

By launching iVoox Plus, the platform adds access to Premium features and all the exclusive content in a single subscription. So far, this content could only be accessed individually.

Unlimited entertainment

iVoox Plus has the best selection of exclusive podcasts in Spanish. Through a subscription payment of USD 9.99 / month, users will be able to access all the platform free content, as well as a catalog of more than 10,000 extra episodes. New content will be added every week.

Offering more than 20,000 hours of unique content, iVoox Plus includes all the exclusive audios of the successful shows from iVoox Originals, such as La Tercera Hora of Días Extraños by Santiago Camacho; the episodes of La Órbita de Endor; the mysteries of Iker Jiménez in Cuarto Milenio and Milenio Live; the content of Casus Belli; the best audio stories of Noviembre Nocturno or the political analysis of the journalist Díaz Villanueva, in La ContraHistoria and La ContraCrónica.

iVoox Plus also features extra episodes from other shows with a successful background in the platform, such as ‘NFL en estado puro’, with all the news from the largest American football league; ‘Histocast’, covering geopolitics and history or ‘Noches de Terror’, based on horror and mystery stories.

A new monetization source for content creators

iVoox is the only podcast platform that allows podcasters to grow their revenues as well as their audience, since episodes reach a user base of more than 5 million recurring users. The platform currently offers the iVoox Originals acceleration program and Subscriptions for Fans, a monetization scheme where more than 1,200 podcasts participate today and which by the end of the year will have shared-out close to 1 million USD among podcasters.

From now on the content creator benefits from a new monetization tool without being forced to choose between money or audience, unlike models offered by other platforms. This reward model aims to benefit all podcasters based on their effort and involvement with iVoox. Therefore, the revenues from iVoox Plus will be shared equally between the company and the content creators. Content creators will receive an individual amount despite their plays, and another amount proportional to their audience and the amount set in the price of their content for fans.

Thanks to this revenue share scheme the podcasters included in iVoox Plus will generate revenues automatically. In this sense, not only programs with millions of listeners will be able to earn money, but also those new high-quality shows that are looking for their niche market, even if they have a limited audience.

Juan Ignacio Solera, founder of the company, explains that ‘in iVoox we continue working to facilitate that podcasters can live off from their passion’, and this new tool is ‘an important step to achieve it’. “aPodcasters will continue to receive revenues from their supporters, and from now on ‘they will also generate revenues from iVoox Plus coming from the long queue of listeners who also like a show, but not enough to give it direct economic support.”

Enjoy iVoox to the limit

In addition to access to the largest exclusive catalog of Spanish-speaking shows, iVoox Plus includes all the Premium features available so far:listening without advertising, listening point synchronization among devices, enhancing sound quality and volume and car mode access.

These advantages are added to the unique functionalities that the iVoox app already offers on its free version, perfect for discovering shows according to the user’s tastes and through its recommendation system, curated playlists of episodes, smart lists updated daily with new content and much more.

In addition to listening to shows and live radio, the platform encourages communication between podcasters and listeners through comments on episodes and publications. Also being able to enrich the content with videos, references, presentations and other complementary materials that can only be found through iVoox.