ARN’s iHeart And Magellan AI Reveal Australia’s Top Podcast Advertisers For Q2/2023

ARN’s iHeartRadio Australia and Magellan AI have revealed the top 15 brands advertising on Australian podcasts for Q2 2023, with Amazon topping the list.

Overall, Q2 spending on Australian podcast advertising grew by a huge 64% year on year, indicating a clear trend of brands increasing their investment in podcast advertising. The report found that all podcast genres continue to see an uplift in investment in podcast advertising. The report found that all podcast genres continue to see an uplift in investment, with a marked increase into the biggest categories Society & Culture (up 48%), News (up 49%) and Comedy (up 127%). Growth in brands embracing the undeniably engagement of True Crime content has also hit new heights, up 116% year on year.

Cory Layton, ARN’s Head of Digital Audio, said: “Podcasts are Australia’s fastest growing mass medium with brands utilizing its soaring engagement to connect with audiences in a more intimate and engaging way. The surge in Australian podcast advertising spending by 64% underscores a compelling shift towards a medium that’s as diverse as it is impactful.”

The report, which uses the latest artificial intelligence technology, analyses thousands of episodes from 400+ of Australia’s most popular podcasts to determine the top brands advertising in this rapidly growing medium.

The Q2 2023 list of top spenders on Australian podcast advertising features brands from a broad range of categories including online retailers, telco and entertainment, with Amazon, McDonalds and nib Group the top 3 ad spenders.


  • Amazon
  • McDonald’s
  • nib Group
  • L’Oreal
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Uber
  • Telstra
  • Flight Centre
  • Wise
  • Bupa
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Vodafone
  • Flutter Entertainment
  • Cashrewards
  • Peloton

Magellan AI Launches Spanish Language Podcast Prospecting Tool

Magellan AI, the podcast advertising analytics and attribution platform, announced that they have added support for analyzing Spanish language podcasts in the US and Mexico.

“Magellan AI provides the most accurate reflection of the podcast advertising landscape. A missing piece of that landscape is the monitoring of Spanish language podcasts in the US,” said Cameron Hendrix, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to launch the monitoring of Spanish language podcasts in the US to address that void.”

Magellan AI provides comprehensive podcast data and analytics to buyers and sellers of podcast inventory. Buyers use the data for media planning and ad validation. Sellers use it to better understand what brands and agencies they should be prospecting.

John Goforth, Magellan AI’s CRO explained, “Millions of downloads are being monetized each month on Spanish language podcasts in the US. Until now, there wasn’t a good way for sellers to find those advertisers, and buyers to find those shows. This product fills that gap.”

The Spanish language version of the platform is live and offers data on more than 2,000 advertisers in the US. To see the platform in action, request a demo

About Magellan AI

Magellan AI is the source for market intelligence on podcast advertising. Magellan AI has created the world’s largest database of podcast advertising data, covering activity from over 700,000 brands and 45,000 shows in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, and now Spanish language podcast in the U.S. Media buyers at advertisers and agencies spending over $500mm annually in aggregate rely on Magellan AI’s podcast media planning platform to find, vet and connect with podcasts. Publishers trust Magellan AI to drive content acquisition, grow ad sales, and make ad ops efficient. Learn more by visiting

Magellan AI Taps Experian To Improve Attribution

Magellan AI, the podcast analytics platform with the world’s largest database of podcast advertising data, announced a new collaboration with Experian, the world’s leading information services company. Experian’s Identity Graph will power Attribution by Magellan AI. The new attribution platform was recently announced and will enable podcast advertisers and publishers to gain insights into campaign performance and success with the Magellan AI dashboard.

“The diversification of podcast hosting and listening platforms can lead to widely varying data coming from publishers and advertisers,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI. “Through collaboration with Experian, we can map data with precision to clean up reporting for our clients and provide them with incredibly accurate attribution results.”

“Advertisers and marketers want to be confident in planning, optimizing and measuring the success of their campaigns” said Chris Feo, SVP Sales and Partnerships, Experian Marketing Services. “While fragmentation continues to challenge marketers, we’re excited to work with Magellan AI to enable more intelligent podcast campaigns.”

Magellan AI will utilize Experian’s Identity Graph, a privacy-safe digital cross-device technology providing the most comprehensive and differentiated digital identity resolution. Along with industry leading podcast advertising intelligence, marketers will have access to precision insights to optimize and measure their podcast campaigns.

“Identifying podcast audiences and unique households can be a challenge in an open ecosystem with limited data input,” said Bryan Barletta, founder of Sounds Profitable. “Magellan AI’s approach in using Experian’s Identity Graph will enhance their ability to accurately calculate reach and frequency to provide reliable measurement and attribution data. Publishers and advertisers need to prioritize independent solutions like Magellan AI, who are dedicated to solving for this critical piece of the podcast ecosystem.”

“By working with Experian,” adds Magellan AI Head of Publisher Partnerships Jim Ballas, “we’re partnering with the market leader in data privacy, not only setting us up to respect listener privacy now and in the future, but also providing unmatched accuracy and depth of insight on attributable behavior.”

Attribution by Magellan AI is currently in its beta, with plans to make it widely available in Q1 of 2023.

Australian Podcast Advertising Leaps Ahead

ARN’s iHeart has shared new data from Magellan AI, which has revealed the top 15 brands advertising for Q3, 2022 across the podcast landscape nationally.

Using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, the report is based on analyzing thousands of episodes from 400+ of Australia’s most popular podcasts for Q3 2022 to determine which brands are advertising in the rapidly growing medium.

Overall, spending on Australian podcast advertising grew by 33% year on year compared to Q3, 2021. Advertising spend across the TV & Film category grew the most rapidly by 285% from this time last year. Other podcast genres to exponentially grow in investment year on year are History (up 115%), True Crime (up 91%), and Sports (up 62%).

The Q3, 2022 list of the top spenders across podcast advertising once again features brands from a broad range of categories including online retailers, finance and entertainment.

Australian Top 15 Podcast Advertisers – Q3, 2022:

  • Amazon
  • McDonald’s
  • Neds
  • Calm
  • Airbnb
  • Monash University
  • Budget Direct
  • L’Oreal
  • Ladbrokes
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Uber
  • Cashrewards
  • Libra
  • Sleeping Duck

Magellan AI Verified As Third-Party Attribution Partner By Spreaker From iHeart

Magellan AI, the podcast advertising analytics and attribution platform with the world’s largest database of podcast advertising data announced that they have been validated as a third party partner by Spreaker from iHeart, the leading podcast platform for monetization, globally. This integration will allow all advertising campaigns run on the Spreaker network to use Attribution by Magellan AI, which delivers accurate and in-depth campaign results and attribution analytics.

“We are dedicated to enabling the podcasters on Spreaker to have access to industry-leading data and analytics,” said Matt Verzella, Head of Partnerships and Enterprise Sales at Spreaker. “We are happy support Magellan AI as they continue to grow the podcast space through valuable third-party attribution and metrics.”

“We are excited to empower Spreaker users to utilize Attribution by Magellan AI to gain access to in-depth information about advertising campaigns,” said Jim Ballas, Head of Publisher Partnerships at Magellan AI. “By connecting attribution data with the robust data that we are already aggregate, advertisers and brands will be able to gain even greater insights into the power of podcast ads.”

Attribution by Magellan AI enables advertisers to access third party delivered impression verification and full-funnel attribution data, from views through conversions and transactions, allowing advertising to optimize and increase ROI on their podcast campaigns.

Attribution by Magellan AI is currently in beta, with plans to make it widely available in Q1 2023. Publishers and podcasters can currently onboard at no cost. Sign up for the beta program today by visiting

Magellan AI Adds Download Data to its Podcast Media Planning Platform

Magellan AI, the standard for podcast media planning and competitive intelligence, announced a major development in their platform – Magellan AI Verified Downloads. The new feature will provide Magellan AI’s advertiser and agency partners with a central source for accurate show downloads, individual episode downloads, and unique listenership. Coupled with the extensive analytics and research already available in the platform, Magellan AI is now truly a “one-stop-shop” for media planning and competitive intel.

“Buying and executing podcast advertising campaigns continues to be a challenge for brands and agencies, and we’re taking yet another step forward today in streamlining that process. We’re here so every brand and agency can get rid of that hard-to-manage spreadsheet they’re using to try to keep the entire industry straight,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI. “We’re looking forward to accelerating both the number and quality of connections made between the buy-side and the sell-side in our platform.”

Thousands of shows are already signed up and providing data, ranging from independent podcasters to some of the largest podcast publishers. As Magellan AI’s CRO, John Goforth, points out, this isn’t just a tool for enterprise-level podcast networks: “Any podcast of any size can participate (at no charge) in Magellan AI Verified Downloads. That participation will ensure your show, tiny or huge, will be searchable by all of our buy-side clients. Those clients spend over $400mm per year in podcast advertising – so it’s a really cool opportunity to get directly in front of them.”

Magellan AI Verified Downloads will start its beta in Q4 2021, with plans to make it widely available in Q1 2022.

Looking to add your podcast to the program? Visit Magellan AI Verified Downloads and follow the instructions for integrating Magellan AI’s prefix with your hosting service.

Ad Alliance Becomes Magellan AI’s First Partner in the DACH Region

The audio and podcast market is booming and is now an integral part of advertisers’ media planning. As demand grows, the industry will require more transparency and access to insights, specifically for organizations selling ads and advertisers planning their campaigns. With that in mind, Ad Alliance is teaming up with Magellan AI as the US provider’s first partner in the German-speaking region.

Magellan AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze over 100 podcasts on the German-language podcast advertising market, providing comprehensive data and facts about advertisers as well as the number and scale of ads.

Ute Henzgen, General Director Sales responsible for Audio & Podcast at Ad Alliance says: “We’re very excited to be the first advertising sales house in the DACH region to collaborate with Magellan AI. We see podcasts as an integral part of campaign planning, and with the fascinating insights we gain from Magellan’s analytics we’ll be able to offer our advertising partners services that are even better suited to their needs and tap into the podcast market even more effectively.”

Cameron Hendrix, CEO and Co-Founder of Magellan AI, says: “As we extend our services to non-English language podcasts, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Ad Alliance. We’ve proven how valuable these tools can be for advertisers, agencies, and publishers in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. This expansion into the German-language podcast advertising market will help drive the industry forward.”

The partnership between Magellan AI and Ad Alliance is also underpinned by the positive development of the market and the growing impact of podcasts. A third of all Germans now regularly listen to podcasts, the available content has tripled in a year (up 233 per cent), and advertising expenditure is also rising (up 220 per cent). What’s more, native integration means that podcast advertising is seen as a very credible option for reaching customers.

Ad Alliance sells around 120 podcasts spanning various genres for clients including Audio Alliance, SPIEGEL Media, and Wondery. It handles campaign conception, design, and production for a wide range of audio formats. Ad server-based campaigns in particular are a huge advantage of the audio market, which is opening up new marketing avenues for advertisers and in which Ad Alliance is a driving force.