Jukedeck Makes Affordable, Original Instrumental Music

Jukedeck logoMost podcasters look for music to be used in intros, outros, and bumpers. Finding the right music can be a challenge in itself. Navigating the complexities of licensing and legal requirements can make the process even more daunting. Many podcast producers have relied on online sources of Creative Commons music. Or they’ve turned to services like Fiverr to find low-cost composers for their musical needs. And while those services can be used successfully, they do have their drawbacks. It can be time consuming to find the right piece of music or the right music producer to work with. And it’s not always a guarantee you’ll be getting a truly original composition, or that the music isn’t already licensed somewhere else, even if it also carries a Creative Commons license.

Jukedeck is looking to change that. The service lets users input different descriptive variables like “pop,” “folk,” or “ambient” for a piece of music, combined with a related “feeling” setting (example: for “pop,” the feeling options are “uplifting” and “melancholic”) and a time length. Jukedeck takes that information and creates an original piece of music based on the variables.

Jukedeck has a multi-tiered pricing plan for the tracks it creates:

  • Individual/Small Business Plan: Free if you provide direct credit to Jukedeck for the song or $0.99 if you want to purchase the track without having to give credit to Jukedeck. This plan includes a royalty-free licence for commercial or non-commercial use by an individual or a business with fewer than 10 employees.
  • Large Business Plan: This plan has a cost of $21.99 per track and comes with a royalty-free licence for commercial or non-commercial use by an individual or a business with 10 or more employees.
  • Buy The Copyright Plan: For the cost of $199, you have complete ownership of the music you’ve purchased thru Jukedeck.

If you’re in need of some music for your next podcast production, it’s worth giving Jukedeck a look. You can experiment with the different compositions offered by the service using the app on Jukedeck’s homepage.

:30cast Will Provide Music Licensing To Podcasters

30cast logoInclude music in a podcast or don’t include music in a podcast? It’s an area of constant curiosity and debate among podcasters. Some podcasters work diligently to include music in their podcasts that they know is “podsafe,” often sourced directly from the artists that created it. And there are also many podcasters who feel they can play anything they want, based on a loose interpretation of Fair Use law. Adding to the confusion, the major arms of the recording industry have yet to release a comprehensive license for podcasters. Amid all of this hyperbole and chaos, a new platform is launching to make the process of finding truly podcast-safe music easier.

:30cast is a new service that provides a go-between for podcasters who need music and the musicians who can provide it. The :30 part of :30cast’s name comes from the fact that the service is focused on providing 30-second pieces of music. Overall, the idea is pretty simple. Composers upload their musical creations to the :30Cast website. Podcasters can then browse :30cast’s online store to find songs they’d like to license.

No pricing information has been made public (pricing is available here) as :30cast isn’t officially launching until July. Podcasters who are interested in using the service can apply for a free membership. :30cast staff is reviewing membership applications and inviting approved shows into the platform.