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Night Vale Presents: Adventures in New America

There is a brand new podcast produced by Night Vale Presents called Adventures in New America. It is described as: “the first sci-fi, political satire, Afrofuturistic buddy comedy, serialized for New Americans in a new and desperate time.”

Set a few years in the future, Adventures in New America follows the escapades of two mismatched African-New-American best friends – fat, lonely curmudgeon IA and lesbian sneak-thief Simon Carr – who take on a series of increasingly high-stakes heists to get quick cash to pay for IA’s medical treatment while attempting to survive the wilds of New New York City… and a secret cabal of Tetchy Terrorist Vampire Zombies from outer space.

Adventures in New America stars Paige Gilbert, Bryan Webster, Pernell Walker (The Deuce), Starlee Kine (Mystery Show), Stephen Writer, and many more.

The first episode is called “The End”. It comes with an interesting, yet disturbing, description. “New American citizens are terrorized by supernatural beings. A man with cancer who has given up on life is saved by a younger sociopathic girl he meets outside of a poke bowl restaurant. Somebody’s baby is crying: is it yours?”

I highly recommend that you take the time to visit the Adventures in New America website. Underneath the player for the first episode, there is a list of all the characters and the people who played them. You can also find out who wrote and directed the episode, the theme song, other music included in the episode, and the people behind the scenes.

Night Vale Creators Start Podcast Platform

Welcome to Night Vale book coverThe popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast is a fiction podcast that consists of dispatches from a surreal Southwestern town where creepy, unexplained, things are happening. The show has tons of fans, many of who have been inspired to create art based on the characters in the podcast. Now, the creators of Night Vale are branching out with their own podcast platform.

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor are the people who created “Welcome to Night Vale”. They are starting their very own podcast platform called Night Vale Presents. The first podcast on the platform is called “Alice Isn’t Dead”, which is written by Joseph Fink.

“Alice Isn’t Dead” is another fiction based podcast. The show is about a truck driver who travels the United States in search of her wife. The idea appears to have been inspired by Joseph Fink’s experiences as he travels across the United States doing live editions of “Night Vale”.

The Night Vale Tumblr has further details. “Alice Isn’t Dead” is written and produced by Joseph Fink, but is preformed by Jasika Nicole (who played a major character in “Welcome To Night Vale”). “Alice Isn’t Dead” will have a completely new original score for each episode, written by disparition (who did the music for “Welcome to Night Vale”.)

The story in “Alice Isn’t Dead” is said to be darker than the story was in “Welcome to Night Vale”. The two podcasts are not related to or connected to each other. The first season of “Alice Isn’t Dead” will have 10 episodes and begin being released on March 8, 2016. It will be available for download from iTunes and other podcasting services as well as a Libsyn RSS feed.

The Night Vale Presents platform is intending to introduce more podcasts in the coming year. Right now, there isn’t any specific information about them. In addition, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor are writing a sequel to their “Welcome to Night Vale” novel.