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The 2017 Winners of the Podcast Awards have been Announced

The winners of the 2017 Podcast Awards have been announced. There is a video of the 2017 People’s Choice Podcast Awards ceremony available on the Podcast Awards website. It includes short videos from the podcasters who won.

The winners are:

  • The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award – The Fantasy Footballers
  • Arts – We Like Drinking
  • Manager Tools Business Category – Dreamers Podcast
  • Comedy Category – Plumbing the Death Star
  • Education – Grammar Girl
  • Rob Has a Podcast Entertainment Category – We’re Drunk & We Know Things
  • Games & Hobbies – Trivial Warfare
  • Government & Organizations – Everyday Superhumans
  • Health – Optimal Living Daily
  • Kids & Family – What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood
  • Feast of Fools/Fun LGBTQ Category – Derek and Romaine
  • Mature – Between Us Girls
  • Coverville Podsafe Music Category – Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
  • Free Talk Live Politics & News Category – The Majority Report with Sam Seder
  • Religion and Spirituality – Five Minute Devotions
  • The Skeptics’ Guide Science and Medicine Catagory – STEM-Talk
  • Society – Culture – Sword and Scale
  • ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football Sports Category – The Fantasy Footballers
  • This Week in Tech Technology Category – School of Podcasting
  • TV& Film – The Hollywood Outsider

Registration for the 13th Annual Podcast Awards will open on January 15, 2018.

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards Slate is Now Online

The 12th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards has posted its awards slate by category. Voting starts on the 13th by the randomly selected 250 listeners and 50 podcasters, plus the 50 luminaries selected by the Podcast Committee. Voting will last 30 days.

Each category has a total of 10 podcasts in it.

This year’s categories are:

  • The Adam Curry People’s Choice Awards
  • Arts
  • Manager Tools Business Category
  • Comedy Category
  • Education
  • Rob Has a Podcast Entertainment Category
  • Games & Hobbies
  • Government & Organizations
  • Health
  • Kids & Family
  • Feast of Fools/Fun LGBTQ Category
  • Mature
  • Coverville Podsafe Music Category
  • Free Talk Live Politics & News Category
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • The Skeptics’ Guide Science and Medicine Category
  • Society-Culture
  • ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football Sports Category
  • This Week in Tech Technology Category
  • TV & Film

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards has reached all fund raising goals for 2017. Winners are guaranteed a trophy. 2016 Winners and 2017 Slate nominees will have the option of ordering a trophy this year. The People’s Choice Podcast Awards will have pricing and an order form available soon.

You can follow the People’s Choice Podcast Awards on Twitter @podcastawards. Those who want to discuss the categories, the nominated podcast, or other related topics are asked to use the #PCA17 hashtag.

Podcast Awards Relaunches with New Website

The 12th Annual Podcast Awards has relaunched with a new website for 2017. There have been some big changes since last year, including a complete rewriting of the rules. The GoFundMe for Podcast Awards has been updated with new information.

The new rules represent the most extensive changes in the history of the Podcast Awards. The changes were made based on input from hundreds of podcasters. The goal of Podcast Awards is to make minor tweaks as they go and hope that the awards process will satisfy the majority of podcasters who have supported them over the years.

It is now possible to see a list of past winners of Podcast Awards for every year from 2005 through 2016. This is something new that has been added to the website.

There is also a list of Legacy Shows that are honored for their excellence in podcasting and who have won a Podcast Award a minimum of five times. Legacy Shows that have never won a People’s Choice Award are still eligible for that distinction and are automatically entered into the People’s Choice category (and are not required to register).

The People’s Choice top Award has been renamed to honor the Podfather of Podcasting. It is now called The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award.

The official timeline is:

  • Podcaster Registration: May 1 – July 31
  • Listener Nomination Period: July 1 – July 31
  • Slate Announcement: August 12
  • Slate Voting: August 13 – September 15
  • Awards Ceremony: September 30

Nomination Rules and Eligibility

Any show podcasting on or before July 1, 2017, with a minimum of 10 published episodes is eligible to register and be nominated for the 2017 Podcast Awards.

All registered shows will automatically be eligible to be nominated in the People’s Choice Category. Any show wishing to be eligible to be nominated can register via the registration page until the nomination closing date and pay via PayPal the $10 registration fee.

Shows that do not register are not eligible to participate. The registration fee is not-refundable.

The biggest change to the Podcast Awards is that there is no longer any daily voting by the public at large.

  • The Podcast Award Committee will invite journalists, podcast thought leaders, legacy podcasters, sponsors and individuals of the committee’s choosing to vote, not to exceed 50 participants.
  • Through random selection, 50 of the 2017 registered podcasters will be asked to review and vote with a backup pool of registered podcasters to ensure 50 podcasters cast ballots.
  • Through random selection, 250 registered listeners who volunteered to vote during registration will be asked to review and vote with a backup pool of registered listeners to ensure 250 listeners cast ballots.

Podcasters can and should provide instructions on their shows and sites instructing their audiences on how to register and nominate their podcasts. Expressly forbidden are automated programs, web assist templates that interact with the Podcast Awards site, and web overlays. No nomination tool or macro is allowed.

Amid Controversy, Podcast Awards Winners Named

Podcast Awards logoLast Sunday, the 2016 winners of the Peoples Choice Podcast Awards (commonly referred to as the “Podcast Awards“) were announced. Award winners were unveiled during a live-streaming video presentation, as has been done in past years. The presentation itself went down with minimal issues. But just after the awards were given out, a bit of controversy came into play when it was determined that a specific group of podcasters had used a special web tool to encourage their listeners to vote for specific shows.

Podcast Awards winners are decided by a weeks-long voting content that asks the fans of awards-nominated podcasts to go to the Podcast Awards website and vote for their shows. There was some confusion when it was discovered that a fan of the Diamond Club podcast network had devised something called #HattingTheSystem that directed its users to vote specifically for Diamond Club shows.

It was unclear at first whether or not the Diamond Club’s web tool actually violated the Podcast Awards anti-cheating rules. But upon further review, it was determined that the web tool wasn’t auto-filling the Podcast Awards voting form. It was only directing voters to find the shows that Diamond Club was supporting in the different awards categories. It was then decided that all winners would be allowed to stand.

Here’s the complete list of 2016 Peoples Choice Podcast Awards winners:

  • Peoples Choice: The Fantasy Footballers Podcast
  • Arts: The Beerists Podcast
  • Business: The Bizarre Briefing
  • Comedy: Matt And Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social
  • Education: Scam School
  • Entertainment: We Have Concerns
  • Games & Hobbies: The Angry Chicken
  • GLBT: Diary of a Trans Woman
  • Government & Organizations: Politics Politics Politics
  • Health: Sleep With Me
  • Kids & Family: Hypothetical Help
  • Mature: JuRY
  • Music: Joe and Meg’s Musical Adventure
  • News & Politics: No Agenda
  • Religion & Spirituality: Oh No Ross and Carrie
  • Science & Medicine: Weird Things
  • Society – Culture: The Phileas Club
  • Sports & Recreation: The Fantasy Footballers Podcast
  • Technology: Hak5
  • TV & Film: Post Show Recaps

Disclosure: Peoples Choice Podcast Awards founder Todd Cochrane is the Executive Editor of Podcaster News.

Peoples Choice, Academy of Podcasters Awards Nominees Announced

Podcast Awards logoSummer is fast approaching and it’s apparently become the season of podcast awards. Two different podcast awards competitions, the Peoples Choice Podcast Awards and the Academy of Podcasters Awards, both recently announced the nominees for their respective award categories. While there may be some minor overlap between the two awards systems, they both work differently and completely independent of each other.

The Peoples Choice Podcast Awards is now in its 11th round. Commonly referred to as just “the Podcast Awards,” nominees for this awards system are determined by online voting, followed by a vetting and qualification period. Then, podcasts are chosen to compete in the following categories:

  • Peoples Choice
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Comedy
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Games & Hobbies GLBT
  • Government & Organizations
  • Health
  • Kids & Family
  • Mature
  • Music
  • News & Politics
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Science & Medicine
  • Society – Culture
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Technology
  • TV & Film

Just like the nomination process, the Peoples Choice Podcast Awards winners are determined via online voting, which officially open Sunday, May 29th.

Academy of Podcasters Awards and HOF 2016The Academy of Podcasters Awards operate in a closed-ballot system. Finalists are chosen by the Academy, and only members of the Academy are allowed to vote for shows in these categories:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Comedy
  • Education
  • Fiction
  • Food & Drink
  • Games & Hobbies
  • Health & Fitness
  • History
  • Kids & Family
  • Music & Commentary
  • News & Politics
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Science & Medicine
  • Society & Culture
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Technology
  • TV & Film

Academy of Podcasters Awards winners will be announced during a ceremony on Wednesday, July 6th in conjunction with the Podcast Movement conference.

More Than Microphones – PCN Show 030

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Jen and Shawn discuss articles that give advice about the “behind the scenes” aspects of podcasting.

Topics include the importance of editing, the importance of filing your taxes correctly, and the importance of properly registering for an awards event.

Links Mentioned in this episode:

* The Podcast Awards List of Podcasts that Registered and Paid the $10 Registration Fee
Is your show on it?

* How to Design Podcast Cover Art That Will Attract New Listeners
By Alban Brooke on Medium

* The Importance of Editing to Your Podcast
By Ran Levi on Medium

* 5 Things Podcasters Need to Know About Taxes
By Blubbry Team on PowerPress Podcast

* Podcasting Up, Pandora Listening Down
By Radio Ink

Nominations for the 11th Annual Podcast Awards are Open!

Podcast Awards logoThe People’s Choice Podcast Awards is ready for your nominations. What podcasts do you think are the absolute best in their category? Let your opinion be heard by nominating your favorite podcasts today. Podcasters who hope to be nominated need to start letting their audience know that the nomination period has begun.

There is a very informative video on the Podcast Awards website that gives a good explanation about how the nominations work. One key thing to understand is that podcasts will be nominated by podcast listeners. It is also important to know that the nomination period begins on April 15, 2016, and will close on April 30, 2016.

Podcast listeners can nominate one podcast in every category of the Podcast Awards. There are a total of 20 categories. It is recommended that listeners take a minute to figure out what shows they want to nominate, and write down their choices before they begin the process of nominating shows. You can only fill out the nomination form once.

A voting period will begin after the slate announcement (that shows what podcasts were nominated in each category) has been announced. Make sure to return to the Podcast Awards website to find out what shows were nominated and to cast your vote.

Podcasters who would like their show to be nominated for the Podcast Awards need to start communicating that to their listeners. Direct your listeners to the Podcast Awards website. Make it clear which category your show belongs in. You might also want to suggest that your listeners nominate your show for the People’s Choice category.

Shows that want to be considered for nomination need to register and pay a $10.00 registration fee. The purpose of the registration form is to let the Podcast Awards know where to contact you if your show makes the voting slate. Shows that do not register will not be considered for the slate of finalists.

The purpose of the fee is to qualify hosts that truly want to participate in the awards process, including showing up for the live online Awards ceremony or providing a video acceptance speech. The money that comes from the registration fee will be used to help rebuild the Podcast Awards website.

Podcast Awards Reveals New Rules for 2016

Podcast Awards logoThe People’s Choice Podcast Awards has revealed the new rules for 2016. This is the biggest change in the history of the Podcast Awards and the first step in establishing long term viability for the awards.

Many details of the Podcast Awards are being updated, including the website, which is in need of a massive upgrade. (Those that want to help make that happen should check out the GoFundMe that has been set up for the project).

The New Nomination Rules and Show Eligibility are:

1. Any show podcasting since January, 1, 2016, with 10 episodes and who has published a new episode within the past 30 days of the open nomination period is eligible for nomination of a Podcast Awards.

2. Any show that won a podcast award in the 2015 Podcast awards is not eligible for nomination in the current year’s awards.

– The show that won in the previous year will present the award to this year’s winner and be recognized. If not able to participate the show will be recognized and an alternate presenter will be selected by the steering committee.

3. Any single show that has won 5 Podcast Awards total in any category in the past 10 years or 4 Podcast Awards in any category in the past 5 years will be designated a “Legacy Podcast” and earn permanent placement on the Podcast Awards Site. The show hosts for those shows will not be eligible for future awards for that show, but will gain placement on the Podcast Award Steering Committee, making them ineligible for an award.

4. Legacy shows will be honored Annually at the Podcast Award Ceremony.

5. Any Show wishing to be considered for nomination shall register via the registration page and pay via PayPal a nominal $10.00 registration fee. The registration fee is simply to qualify podcast hosts that want to participate, and or be part of the awards process to include showing up for the Awards ceremony or providing a video acceptance speech.

– Shows that do not register will not be considered for the slate of finalists regardless of the total number of nominations they receive. Shows may register anytime before the nominations close on April 30, 2016. The registration fee is non-refundable, even if the show does not make the final slate.

– For 2016 all nomination registration fees will be used to help fund the rebuilding of the Podcast Awards website for the 2017 event. All shows that have registered and paid the fee will be listed on the podcast awards site shortly after nomination closing, even if they are not finalists.

Podcast Awards Reveals New Categories

Podcast Awards logoThe People’s Choice Podcast Awards are in the process of updating the website and making changes to many different aspects of the awards. There is a GoFundMe in place to help with expenses. Recently, new categories were revealed for the 11th Annual Podcast Awards.

The categories for the Podcast Awards are an important organizational tool. It helps break up the nominated podcasts so that they are being compared with podcasts that are similar in topic. Personally, I find it easier to compare a “like vs like” grouping of podcasts than to try and figure out the best ones from a grouping of a wide variety of topics.

Here are the Categories for the 2016 Podcast Awards (and their descriptions):

* Peoples Choice – The Best Podcast in the Universe!

* Arts – Design, Fashion, Food, Literature

* Business – Careers, Investing, Management, Marketing

* Comedy – The Funniest Shows on the Internet!

* Education – Ed Tech, K-12, Language, Training

* Entertainment – Entertains us with Creative Genus.

* Games & Hobbies – Automotive, Aviation, Video Games, Board Games

* GLBT – Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

* Government & Organizations – Local, National, Non-Profit, Regional

* Health – Alternative, Fitness & Nutrition, Self-Help, Sexuality

* Kids & Family – Dads, Moms, Parents

* Mature – Explicit Content, Rated R+

* Music – Podsafe Only!

* News & Politics – Right, Left, Documentary, World, Local

* Religion & Spirituality – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Other

* Science & Medicine – Medicine, Natural, Social, Science Fiction

* Society-Culture – History, Journals, Philosophy, Places & Travel

* Sports & Recreation – Amateur, College, Outdoor, Professional

* Technology – Gadgets, Tech News, Podcasting, Software How-To

* TV & Film – Reviews, Series, Fan Shows

Listeners will be able to begin nominating their favorite podcasts beginning on April 15, 2016, and ending on April 30, 2016.