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PodCon is a Celebration of Podcasting

PodCon will take place in Seattle, Washington, on December 9 and 10 of 2017. It is a place where people can get together and really just “get into” podcasts for a couple of days. Tickets are on sale now.  PodCon started by raising money through crowdfunding on Indiegogo.  That campaign has now closed, with $243,746 raised by 3,022 backers.

There is an interesting description on the PodCon website about how it got started:

PodCon is the result of a conversation between four people:

Hank Green (who has run a bunch of conferences and conventions)

Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor (who created Welcome to Night Vale)

Travis McElroy (who produces more podcasts than any other known human.)

PodCon will bring together a diverse group of podcast pros in Seattle, Washington for two days of live podcasts, performances, discussions, workshops, and weirdness. You can expect live podcasts from your favorite creators, special guest performances, panel discussions for both creators and fans, expert-led creative workshops, and “a whole bunch of wacky weirdness.”

Featured Guests Include:

  • Gaby Dunn – Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
  • Dylan Marron – Welcome to Night Vale
  • Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer – Criminal
  • Rod and Karen Morrow – The Black Guy Who Tips
  • Roman Mars – 99% Invisible
  • Franchesca Ramsey – Last Name Basis
  • Aaron Mahnke – Lore
  • Kevin T. Porter – Gilmore Guys
  • Hank and John Green – Dear Hank and John
  • Dr. Sydnee McElroy – Sawbones
  • Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy – My Brother, My Brother and Me

There are two types of tickets. You can purchase a General Admission ticket for $100.00. Or, if you want to attend PodCon (but cannot make it there in person), you can purchase a Remote Attendance ticket. It costs $30.00.

The Remote Attendance ticket works like this: You buy one. PodCon happens. A few weeks after the event, PodCon sends you password protected podcast links with audio recordings of almost all of the panels, performances, and live recordings. I’ve never heard of a podcasting conference offering this to ticket buyers.

Seattle PodCon is Crowdfunding for Planned December Dates

PodCon logoIt takes a lot of resources to put on a successful podcasting conference. And by “resources,” I mean “money.” That’s why the organizers of Seattle PodCon, planned for December 9th and 10th of this year, are raising money thru crowdfunding to get their conference off the ground.

PodCon is the brainchild of YouTuber and podcaster Hank Green, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor of Welcome to Night Vale, and podcast producer Travis McElroy:

They wanted there to be a place where people got together to really just /get into/ podcasts together for a couple days. That’s going to include discussions of what is oh-so right about podcasts, but also some of the issues we have to face. It’s going to include live performances and mashed-up podcasts. It’s going to feature podcasters from tons of genres including fiction, news, science, comedy, drama, crime, interview and more.

We just love this stuff, and we want to celebrate it.

The producers of PodCon are still working on getting all of the details together for the conference. So far, they’ve confirmed live podcast recordings of the shows Dear Hank and John, My Brother My Brother and Me, and Alice Isn’t Dead (a separate, ticketed production of Welcome to Night Vale will be held adjacent to, but not automatically included with PodCon). The conference will also host panel discussions and workshops that will cover a wide range of podcasting topics.

PodCon has currently raised 16% (just shy of $50,000) of its $300,000 flexible crowdfunding goal. Contributors can gain access to PodCon with a $90 contribution. A remote access pass can be had for a $25 contribution. Remote access attendees will receive a special podcast feed that will contain recordings of many of the events happening at PodCon.

To learn more about PodCon and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, click the link at the top of this article.

PodCon is a ‘Popup Conference’ on October 8

Blab logoPodCon, an online only event that describes itself as a “pop up conference for podcasters and podcast junkies” is happening in less than 24 hours. The conference will take place via Blab, the online video conferencing platform that has become very popular with podcasters.

PodCon will host a “handful” of speakers:

  • John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Veronica Belmont of Sword and Laser
  • Rob Cesternino of Rob Has a Podcast
  • Helen Zaltsman of Answer Me This!
  • Brett Terpstra of Systematic Podcast
  • Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts
  • Ray Ortega of The Podcasters Studio
  • Espree Devora of We Are L.A. Tech
  • Chris Brogan, social media maven
  • Jessica Kupferman of She Podcasts
  • Darren Rowse of Problogger

The conference starts as 12PM PDT and will consist of a series of 30-minute sessions, ending at 4PM PDT. PodCon is free to attend. If you’d like to participate, the PodCon website asks that you RSVP. You can do so by following the link at the top of this post.