Podfriend to Help Podcasters Monetize their Content Using Bitcoin

Podfriend, a new contender on the Podcast App scene, has announced the release of a new series of features allowing listeners to support their favorite podcasts by streaming value to them while listening.

“I’m happy to announce Podfriend supporting the Podcasting 2.0 Value for Value standard,” Martin Mouritzen, creator of Podfriend enthusiastically explains. “This range of features has been made possible by using the Bitcoin on Lightning protocol and is really ideal for micropayments.”

Users of Podfriend can now stream micropayments to Podcasters while listening. Listeners can even show their enthusiasm for particular segments of a podcast by using the “Boost” button to send larger micropayments.

“I’m excited to be a trailblazer along with the other Podcasting 2.0 enabled podcast players,” Martin says, before concluding, “I truly believe that this is the first step on the way to a world where micropayments are a real and better alternative to ads.”

Podfriend is a podcast player created by Martin Mouritzen, whose mission in life is to be “The friendliest podcast player in the world.”

Podfriend is available on web and Desktop and is in beta on iOS and Android, and is among the most Podcasting 2.0. feature complete applications, supporting new features like: Transcripts (& Subtitles), Chapters, Funding, Location and Person.