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Podsights has Acquired Pod.Link

Podsights announced that it has acquired the podcast link-sharing platform pod.link, and its founder, Nathan Gathright, has joined the Podsights team. Podsights will continue to invest in the pod.link platform, and Podsights have rebuilt it from the ground up to allow any podcaster to customize and promote their podcast.

Pod.link creates simple, memorable podcast links that make it easy for listeners to subscribe to shows with their favorite podcast app. For more than two years, pod.link has helped independent podcasters and networks like Vox Media and Complex reach new listeners. With a straightforward domain, a built-in player, and support for the most popular podcast apps, pod.link has created a memorable experience that users trust to simplify the process of discovering new shows.

The paid version of pod.link allowed podcasters to customize their URL and remove ads. Podsights wants to expand on what Nathan had built by reducing the friction for independent podcasters, i.e., money.

What was pod.link premium is now available to all podcasters for free. Podsights is excited to add the ability for podcasters to customize the colors of their page to match their brand. They are big believers in visual identity, and wants your pod.link to represent your identity – not Podsight’s identity.

Lastly, Podsights has added the ability for you to add your own Google Analytics ID with IP anonymization. They want podcasters to grow their audience, and you can’t improve what you aren’t measuring. They do not include the Podsights pixel on pod.link by default. WThey will add it if a publisher chooses to use their marketing tools with pod.link, but it will be clearly marked in the URL like UTM parameters.

Podsights Announced New Features, a Rebrand, and Funding

Podsights announced some changes to their logo and the products that they offer. Their new logo is a delightful, cartoon, kazoo – which should make them stand out from all the other companies that provide services to podcasters and advertisers.

Podsights today looks a little different than yesterday, and we have adopted a new mascot, the loyal and elegant kazoo. If you are unfamiliar, a kazoo is a precise musical instrument played by only the finest musicians worldwide. It’s also heavily featured at children’s parties.

You all ruined logos with headphones, microphones, sound waves, speakers, and really everything to do with sound. We are forging our own path, one that delights and doesn’t take itself to seriously.

Podsights will be adding a feature that gives brands the ability to contact publishers directly through research. If a publisher opts in, Podsights will show a “contact publisher” button on research. Brands can answer a few questions, and Podsights will shoot their information to the publisher. Podsights will not take a commission from this process.

Other improvements include:

Agency Views: Agencies can manage all their brands through one dashboard.

Sell-Side Agency Views: If you represent multiple podcasters, Podsights lets you run a campaign on their behalf, while the podcaster retains ownership of their podcast.

Reporting Only Campaigns:
Attribution may not be the primary KPI of a campaign. Podsights lets you run impression only campaigns to centralize your podcasting efforts.

In addition, Podsights raised $1.5 million from Greycroft, Betaworks, BDMI, Rooks Nest and “a host of angels”, including Howard Lindzon (Social Leverage), Michael Kassan (Founder MediaLink), and Ilia Papas (Founder Blue Apron). These funds will help Podsights reach their goals.