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Academy of Podcasters Awards Nominees, Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Academy of Podcasters logThe Academy of Podcasters has announced the nominees for its first ever “Academy Awards of podcasting.” The organization has also finalized the list of inductees into its Podcasters Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony and the awards ceremony will be held on Friday, July 31, the night before the first day of the Podcast Movement conference in Dallas.

The Podcasters Hall of Fame will honor six podcasters in its inaugural run of inductees:

  • Adam Curry (Adam is considered by many to have “invented” podcasting along with Dave Winer)
  • Danny Peña (host of Gamertag Radio)
  • Leo Laporte (founder of the TWiT podcasting network)
  • Mur Lafferty (host of I Should Be Writing)
  • Scott Sigler (bestselling author who built a large fandom thru podcasting)
  • Todd Cochrane (host of Geek News Central and founder of RawVoice)

The Academy of Podcasters has nominated ten shows in each of its fifteen award categories. The complete list of shows is too long to post here but the categories are:

  • Business
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Games & Hobbies
  • Ideas & Education
  • Lifestyle & Health
  • Music & Commentary
  • News & Politics
  • Parenting, Family & Kids
  • Science & Medicine
  • Society & Culture
  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Sports
  • Technology

One nominee will win an award in each category. The categories have five nominees each that have been ranked as the top five in those respective categories on Stitcher, along with five more shows that were selected by “a combination of input from the Academy, the board, and from other podcast rating services.”

Congratulations to the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees and best of luck to all podcasters who’ve been nominated for a Podcasters Academy Award!

Podcast Novelist Scott Sigler’s “INFECTED” Optioned For TV Series

Infected book coverScience-fiction/horror author Scott Sigler, who made a name for himself in the early days of podcasting by releasing his novels as free podcasts, has had his story Infected optioned by a television production company. From Sigler’s blog:

“INFECTED has been optioned as a TV series by Timberman/Beverly, the company that produces JUSTIFIED, ELEMENTARY, MASTERS OF SEX and more.” “…I have sat down with Carl Beverly (who runs the company along with his partner Sarah Timberman), and he seems quite excited about bringing INFECTED to the small screen. Timberman/Beverly can also pick up options for CONTAGIOUS and PANDEMIC at any point, if they decide to use the characters and plotlines from either or both of those books.”

This is great news for Sigler and his fans. But having something optioned by a production company isn’t a guarantee it’ll actually get made. Regardless, it’s a real acknowledgement of Sigler’s work, not just as an author but also as an independent creator who made a name for himself by building an audience on his own.

According to Wikipedia, Sigler released the first-ever podcast-only novel, EarthCore in 2005. He followed that up with several more titles, including Infected. Sigler is also a Parsec Award-winning author, having taken the trophy in the Best Speculative Fiction Story category in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe

Issue 2 Of Podertainment Magazine Now Available

Podertainment LogoPodertainment Magazine, an e-periodical focused on podcasters and podcasting, has released its second issue. The magazine is now available for download thru the iTunes Store. Issues can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription.

The latest issue covers a wide range of topics:

  • * How to create a podcast recording studio with iOS.
  • * Patreon crowdrunding for podcasters.
  • * Improving your podcast’s episode tittles.
  • * How to use a Feedburner redirect without using the Feedburner website.
  • * Rethinking conventional wisdom about podcasting.
  • * The importance of “unique listeners.”
  • * Several articles about techniques to help monetize your podcast.

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