Seekr And Oxford Road Launch Groundbreaking Civility Score For Podcasts

Seekr, a revolutionary artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation, and Oxford Road, the leading independent ad agency in audio, announced the launch of the first-ever Civility Score for podcasts. Seekr’s Civility Score harnesses proprietary AI to offer brand marketers a more precise way to measure brand sustainability in podcast advertising, maximizing brand affinity and return on investment. 

“As the marketplace becomes more open to objective, third-party assessments of media content, the Civility Score provides brands with a simple-to-understand and extraordinarily effective way to protect themselves from high-risk content,” said Pat Condo, CEO and Founder of Seekr Technologies. “It is a tool designed to move beyond the traditional brand safety and suitability frameworks and strike at the heart of the polarization problem.”

Seekr’s Civility Score will use AI to objectively measure ad hominem attacks within the nation’s top podcasts – a key contributor to societal polarization and aggression. Brands can use the detailed scoring to guide their media planning, setting polarization and aggression. Brands can use the detailed scoring to guide their media planning, setting tolerance levels that maintain brand integrity and minimize exposure to potentially damaging content. Specifically, key features of the Civility Score include:

Civility Ranking: Seekr scores podcasts from low to high based on the level of personal attack in each show, factoring in content and nuance when presence of an attack is found.

Risk Trends: Seekr tracks civility trends to allow brands to adjust their media spend accordingly and align with quality content.

Detailed Metrics: Seekr provides metrics on the amount and nature of personal attacks found in evaluated show content per hour, giving brands detailed data to speed up the evaluation process.

The Civility Score scans podcast episodes in their entirety, enabling it to spot instances of ad hominem attacks that occur at any point in a program, so brands can avoid getting caught in the crossfire. This also identifies instances where topics of discussion that may not be inherently controversial and therefore not covered by GARM’s 12-point Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework.

“We’re proud to have partnered with tech firms in the past to bring content evaluation solutions to the audio space,” said Dan Granger, CEO and Founder of Oxford Road. “Still, what the industry needs most is one metric that transcends subjectivity and promotes a value around which we can all align; respect for others. The strength of the Civility Score is its simplicity, as all brands, consumers, and creators can align around this expression of the Golden Rule. Now, we can reward the most responsible voices, rather than those that are simply the loudest.”

The launch of the Civility Score will take place at the Chief Audio Officer Summit, an event that brings together marketers from the leading brands in audio. Initially, the Civility Score will focus on podcasts, with plans to expand its scope to provide broader applications in all forms of media.

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LiveOne’s PodcastOne Partners With AI-Driven Seekr

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and subsidiary of LiveOne, announced that it has reached an agreement with Seekr, a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven content scoring platform with applications for audio-based brands and advertisers. The partnership will enable PodcastOne to ensure brand suitability for its advertising partners. Seekr’s machine learning platform employs natural language processing (NLP) to rapidly evaluate and score content for safety and reliability.

“Seekr’s partnership with PodcastOne provides current and potential advertisers an extraordinarily high level of confidence and peace of mind that their ad-buys will be made in brand-suitable environments,” said Pat Condo, Chief Executive Officer of Seekr. “PodcastOne has been able to achieve remarkable growth – amassing nearly 2.5 billion downloads – in large part, because it is leading in innovation, and we’re excited to see AI technology supercharge those efforts. Seekr’s content evaluation and rating technology immediately positions PodcastOne as an industry leader in the adoption of advanced AI”

Once fully implemented, the initial beneficiaries of Seekr’s technology will be existing PodcastOne business partners. The full spectrum of PodcastOne’s podcasts will be evaluated and rated instantly to help determine the most impactful places to drive brand visibility an be heard in the moment. Additionally, PodcastOne podcasts will have direct connectivity to, an independent search engine that rates content using AI, allowing PodcastOne listeners to leverage Seekr’s proprietary technology and patented search capabilities.

“Brands want security in knowing that their investment is being made with reliable, honest, truthful programming that aligns with their core values and intended audiences. With Seekr’s AI technology, we now offer media buyers an additional third-party option of trust that does not currently exist in the audio advertising marketplace. As we continue to be at the forefront of emerging technology within the audio space, aligning with Seekr puts us ahead of the pack for advertising clients who want the content reliability and for consumers who want to trusted, honest content which allows PodcastOne to remain a trusted network for advertisers,” said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne.

PodcastOne continues to develop and produce compelling and entertainment and current event based content to generate excitement and intrigue in the audio and streaming space. With podcasts being the fastest growing medium by far, PodcastOne is determined to remain a leader in expanding audiences and forging synergistic relationships for its podcasters. With select podcasts available in over one-million Tesla vehicles, PodcastOne’s full roster of programming is available on PodcastOne, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and wherever podcasts are heard.

About Seekr Technologies Inc.

Seekr is a privately held artificial intelligence company that specializes in transparent content evaluation and objective ratings. Its AI technology is designed to rate all content, both authentic content created by humans, and synthetic, machine-generated content. Seekr empowers user choice and control by streamlining access to reliable information. The centerpiece of Seeker’s technology is an independent search engine that is powered by the proprietary AI and employs natural language processing (NLP) to generate a Seekr Score and Political Lean Indicator. Seekr is committed to building a web that people can trust by giving everyone access to technology that makes it easy to find reliable content in context.