Women in Podcasting: Interview with Myself – PCN Show 009

blue2-200-e1401055782419 In episode nine of the Podcaster News Show, I decided to turn things around a little bit. Usually, I interview a woman who is a podcaster. This time, I have enlisted the help of Shawn Thorpe (a fellow Podcaster News contributor) to help me interview … well… myself.

It dawned on me that I’ve been asking women who podcast a series of questions that I hadn’t specifically answered myself. So, for this episode, Shawn takes my place and asks me the questions about podcasting that I usually ask other women. The other option would have been for me to electronically alter my voice and do a self-interview, but that would have been too weird!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Hyper Nonsense
Shattered Soulstone
Halfway Around the World

Which Podcasts Have The Most Ads?

Your Ad HereSince the early days of podcasting, advertising has been a bit of a touchy subject. Some claimed that having ads in podcasts would be the ultimate sellout. An end to the medium’s purity as a by-the-people-for-the-people creation. Others waited with marked anticipation for the arrival of parties who were interested in providing money in exchange for sponsored messages. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, advertising in podcasting is definitely here to stay. With that in mind, I decided to do a fairly unscientific poll of which podcasts actually have the most ads. Using an Evernote document, I made a simple tally of the number of times I heard an ad during podcasts I’m subscribed to or podcasts I work on for clients. This includes preroll, post-roll, and mid-roll ads, whether they were live reads or prerecorded. If a show had a simple, “This podcast is sponsored by…” tagline, I didn’t include it unless the message was longer than five seconds. Here’s the results: Continue reading “Which Podcasts Have The Most Ads?”