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JetBlue Expands Free Entertainment with Spotify – and More

JetBlue, the only major U.S. airline with free high speed Fly-Fi and seatback screens at every seat, on every plane, is providing customers with even more inflight entertainment (IFE) options basd on their feedback with the launch of its newest onboard offerings from Showtime, Spotify, Inscape, and PressReader.

Starting in November of 2019, customers onboard the airline’s HD touchscreen-equipped aircraft can enjoy access to full seasons of the hottest shows from Showtime, chart-topping podcasts from Spotify, the day’s biggest headlines from PressReader, curated meditation and relaxation content from Inscape and more.

“After almost 20 years of disrupting the industry with free live TV at every seat, on every plane – we are once again re-defining inflight entertainment by listening closely to our customers’ feedback and offering even more options to make the most of their time onboard,” said Mariya Stoyanova, director of product development, JetBlue. “Whether you want to binge-watch, binge-listen, connect, disconnect, or just discover something new – you can do it from our new HD seatback screens, your own devices, or most likely, all of the above.”

JetBlue’s newest collaboration with Spotify, the airline’s exclusive podcast partner, will bring podcasts from Anchor, Gimlet, Parcast and Spotify Studios to seatback screens. Titles include Business of HYPE, Conspiracy Theories, Dope Labs, Heavyweight, The Horror of Dolores Ranch, and Superwoman with Rebecca Minkoff.

JetBlue’s newest IFE partners will complement the airline’s already-free 100+ channels of DIRECTV, hundreds of free movies and up to nearly 60 full seasons of your favorite shows, and individual in-seat USB/power outlets that are available on its Airbus A320, A321 and A321neo aircraft. JetBlue’s free high speed Fly-Fi – powered by Viasat – is capable of streaming video and is available across the fleet, with expanded coverage being introduced on A320 and A321neo aircraft that will keep customers connected even when overwater or in international BlueCities.

Spotify Seeks a Podcast Content Analyst

Spotify is looking for an exceptional Podcast Content Analyst to help build Spotify’s original and exclusive podcast business. Spotify’s mission is to re-imagine the creator and consumer experience to be the audio-first network for the world.

We are looking for a candidate who has a deep understanding of content, thinks probabilistically, and can navigate their way around large datasets. We are looking for a natural communicator who is able to explain complex data and insights to both business and creative audiences. Accompanying this broad set of responsibilities is exposure to many functional areas, as well as senior management across Spotify.

Requirements include:

  •  2+ years of relevant experience in management consulting, investment banking, or asset management and/or at a media/tech company in analytical role.
  •  Knowledge of podcast landscape, prior experience in podcast industry, and/or prior experience in analyzing performance of content is a plus.
  •  Experience writing advanced SQL queries. Experience with R or Python is a plus.
  •  Comfort navigating complex and fluid organizational structures within a dynamic and global company. You will need to build and maintain cross-functional relationships spanning multiple teams and geographies.

To find out more, and to apply for Spotify’s Podcast Content Analyst position, visit the want ad where the job posting is displayed.

VICE Brings Three Original Podcasts to Spotify

VICE News has an Emmy Award-wining nightly newscast called VICE News Tonight. It also has a critically-acclaimed podcast called Chapo: Kingpin on Trial. Now, VICE is adding to its existing podcast lineup with three all-new series that are coming exclusively to Spotify.

Heading VICE’s expanding audio division is Kate Osborn, longtime audio veteran and former producer for NPR, BBC, and Rachel Maddow. As VICE’s Global Director of Audio and Executive Producer across all Spotify podcasts, Osborn will spearhead the company’s expansion into audio. Liz Gateley and Natalie Tulloch will oversee the VICE series from Spotify.

The three upcoming series from VICE are:

Uncommitted: Iowa 2020 takes a deep dive into how the biggest political issues are playing out in a single state. Emmy-Award winning VICE News Correspondent Antonia Hylton hosts the 12-episode series, interviewing candidates, uncovering untold stories, and offering insight into how Iowa became a major player when it comes to deciding America’s next president. Uncommitted: Iowa 2020 will launch on November 12, 2019.

VICE News senior reporter and co-host of Chapo: Kingpin on Trial Keegan Hamilton follows fentanyl around the world from China to the communities the drug impacts in the United States. The eight-episode narrative is scheduled to launch in 2020.

A new VICE series about global politics is coming to Spotify in late 2020. It is sure to blow away your preconceived notions about global politics being boring.

Spotify Explains How to Make Your Own Podcast Playlists

Spotify announced that in the true spirit of Audio First, Spotify users can combine music and podcasts on the same playlists. Previously, playlists were exclusive to music.

With this recently released, frequently requested functionality, users can build playlists of podcasts, or add podcasts to existing playlists for a mixed-media experience. Users can also set up a playlist or multiple podcasts in a row – perfect for the long drive or maybe a run – or integrate their favorite songs with news, comedy, or sports podcasts.

Spotify points out that these new opportunities for creativity are as easy as making a playlist full of music. Those who want to learn how to do that can follow a step-by-step guide that Spotify put together to walk users through the process. Once you finish making a playlist of both podcasts and music, you will see that new playlist under the “Playlists” tab in Music.

It should be noted that if you are using Spotify on your computer desktop, you can stream the playlist you’ve made on mobile that include podcasts. You cannot, however, make a playlist with a podcast in it from your desktop – yet.

Spotify’s Sound Up Cultivates Female Podcasters of Color

Spotify points out that while female podcasters of color are making their mark in podcasting, there is still a significant opportunity to bridge the gap in representation. Spotify states that 22% of podcasts in the U.S. are hosted by women, and even less than that are hosted by minority women.

Spotify’s immersive Sound Up was created to tackle this issue head on. Returning for the second year in a row, the program is designed to uplift and amplify the voices of women of color. This intensive, week-long program lead by longtime facilitators Rekha Murthy and Graham Griffith trains the next generation of leading podcasters through education, mentorship and support from Spotify.

This year’s participants include: Alyssa Castro, Christina Orlando, SK, Janae Burris, Kacie Willis, Michel Rosario, Rebecca Jackson-Artis, Shayla Martin, Yvette Ankunda and Mohini Madgavkar, who were provided one year Journalist PRO Licensees courtesy of Hindenburg Systems during the program.

At the end of the course, Christina Orlando, Janae Burris, Shayla Martin, and SK were awarded $10,000 each to fund their proposed podcasts.

Past alumni of Sound Up have received podcast development deals, connections to industry leaders, and production grants to take their concepts to the next level.

I really like that Spotify is reaches out and provides Sound Up to podcasters who are in the minority. In this case, Sound Up included female podcasters of color in the United States. This follows Sound Up Bootcamp in London, which also focused on aspiring podcasters in the UK who identify as a woman of color. In 2018, Spotify’s Sound Up Bootcamp in Australia invited First Nation’s aspiring podcasters to participate.

Spotify Acquires The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers

The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers is now a Spotify Original. The podcast will also continue to be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, SoundCloud, YouTube, and other podcast platforms.

The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers counts down Rolling Store Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time with comedians, actors, and musicians, using facts from the albums and song meanings as a road map to interview each guest. Previous guests include Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Wanda Sykes, Kevin Nealon, and Bert Kreischer, all sitting down with Josh to talk about the album and life.

The 500 describes itself in interesting ways. It is “the first Music Album Book Club representing the next decade of his life’s work talking to creatives about the greatest recorded music in history.” It also is the only podcast where you know when it will end, on May 31, 2028.

Hollywood Reporter says that Spotify acquired the nine-month-old Josh Adam Meyers-hosted show and is turning it into a Spotify Studios Original. The first episode to be released as a Spotify Original will be R.E.M.’s Document and will be streamed on Spotify beginning July 31, 2019.

Previously, Spotify launched Jemele Hill is Unbothered (hosted by Jemele Hill) as a Spotify Original. Topics include intersectionality between the worlds of sports, politics, music, identity and culture.

The Joe Budden Podcast is also on Spotify. This show is a go-to listen for hip-hop and rap culture enthusiasts. It is hosted by Joe Budden, and co-hosted by Rory and Mal. They discuss hip-hop music and news, conduct interviews with artists and cultural luminaries, and touch base on cultural events.

Higher Ground and Spotify Partnered to Produce Podcasts

Higher Ground and Spotify announced a partnership to produce podcasts. Higher Ground is former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s production company. The Obama’s formed Higher Ground to produce powerful stories to entertain, inform, and inspire and to lift up new, diverse voices in the entertainment industry.

Spotify, which recently surpassed 100 million Premium subscribers and has more than 217 million monthly active users, will distribute the podcasts to audiences across the globe.

Under the Higher Grounds partnership, President and Mrs. Obama will develop, produce, and lend their voices to select podcasts, connecting them to listeners around the world on wide-ranging topics. The multi-year agreement will be with Higher Ground Audio, an expansion of the Higher Ground production company that will oversee the move into podcasts.

When President and Mrs. Obama launched Higher Ground in 2018, with an initial partnership with Netflix, their goal was to create compelling content that entertains and inspires viewers. Recognizing that content is consumed in many forms, this new partnership will give them the ability to expand the conversation, educating and engaging Spotify’s diverse and extensive audience.

Spotify Made a “Car Thing”

Spotify created something called “Car Thing”. The purpose of Car Thing is to help Spotify learn more about people’s listening habits and preferences for the purpose of creating an unparalleled experience for Spotify users.

As you may know, Spotify acquired Gimlet Media and Anchor earlier this year. The move positioned Spotify as a premier producer of podcasts, and the leading platform for podcast creators.

Spotify points out that Americans spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel each year. That’s a lot of time spent on the road listening to podcasts and music. Car Thing is a device that Spotify will use in a test.

Here is what to know about Spotify’s test:

  • Spotify is testing how people listen in the car through a voice-controlled music and podcast device called “Car Thing”.
  • Car Thing was developed to help Spotify learn more about how people listen to music and podcasts. Spotify’s focus remains on becoming the world’s number one audio platform – not on creating hardware.
  • The test will be done in the US only, with a small group of invited Spotify Premium users.
  • Spotify might do similar voice-specific tests in the future, which could potentially involve a “Voice Thing” and a “Home Thing”.
  • Spotify does not have any current plans to make the Car Thing device available to consumers. What they learn from the test will dictate how Spotify develops experiences everywhere you listen.

Spreaker’s Podcast Monetization Program Launched on Spotify

Spreaker announced that they have expanded their Monetization Program to Spotify. Spreaker has enabled it for all of their Pro podcasters to use.

If you are already using Spreaker’s Monetization program you don’t need to do anything to start seeing the benefits of the addition of Spotify. All your ads will now be available to your listeners on Spotify.

Now that Spotify has been enabled, it means that Spreaker monetizes podcasts on all the podcast listening platforms. Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and any other popular platforms. Plus, monetization is also enabled across the whole Spreaker platform, therefore the podcast is also monetized when user listens on the Spreaker website, apps, downloads the episode or listens with the embedded player on your website.

To start using Spreaker’s Monetization Program, all you need to do is enable it. Add the slots (pre-, mid-, or post-rolls), and you will start to earn. There is no need for you to develop something like a specific Spotify monetization strategy or find sponsors on your own. Spreaker will take care of it all.

If you don’t have Spreaker’s Monetization Program enabled, you can do it now by accessing the Spreaker CMS, clicking on the Monetization option, and checking and accepting the Terms of Service.