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Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android Now Available

Spreaker LogoSpreaker has introduced the new Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android. It has been designed to give users a lean-back listening experience. The app is free on the Google Play Store.

The app can be used to find popular podcasts and new favorites. It includes curated channels and lists which have been created by special sponsors and partners as well as Spreaker’s editorial team. Content is also personalized with new playlists that are created according to what you like to listen to.

The Channel section lets you browse through a list of channels, or stations, that are focused on a particular topic or theme. Tap on the Channel image and then tap play.

A player will appear at the bottom of your screen that gives you a continuous stream of episodes that have been pulled from different podcasts that all relate to the Channel’s theme. The Channels automatically update every time there are newly published episodes.

The Explore section contains curated, fixed, lists of podcasts that all related to each other in theme or topic. Use these lists to access a single podcast and then choose between the episodes of that particular podcast that are already available.

Users can customize their experience by “favoriting” the podcasts they enjoyed the most. You will end up with a list of Favorites that you can easily return to whenever you want. The Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android app also automatically generates playlists that you create as you listen, like, and download episodes.

Spreaker Partners with French Audio Aggregator Radioline

Spreaker LogoThe U.S. is dominating the rest of the world in terms of podcast consumption. But other parts of the world are gaining ground on America’s lead. Research conducted by French firm Médiamétrie found that about 800,000 podcasts are downloaded every day in France. It’s a drop in the bucket when compared to the estimated 46 million podcast downloads that happen every month in the U.S. But it’s still a sizable number and more importantly, it shows that podcasts are definitely being heard on the European side.

Spreaker, a Berlin-based podcasting/live-streaming services provider, has partnered with Radioline, an audio aggregator in France. The collaboration between the two companies will bring Spreaker’s podcast catalog of 27,000 shows into the fold of Radioline’s directory, which currently lists over 25,000 radio stations and 10,000 podcasts from more than 130 countries.

This partnership should help to extend Spreaker’s reach as a distribution platform. It should also bring plenty of new content into an expanding market that’s likely to be looking for new things to listen to.

Spreaker Studio App Now Available For Windows and Mac OS X

Spreaker LogoSpreaker announced the release of the its Spreaker Studio app for Windows and Mac OS X. The app is available for free via the App Store and Google Play.

Spreaker Studio is an audio recording and live streaming app. The new application allows users to mix high-quality inputs from up to four audio sources like USB microphones, touch-activated sound effects, intro and exit music, and Skype callers into a live or pre-recorded podcast. This four audio source input support eliminates the need for an expensive audio mixer to record more than one microphone at a time for easy mobile recordings.

In Spreaker Studio, new podcasters will find a simple console where audio files, sound effects, voice, music and more can be mixed in one place during a live or recorded episode and then be encoded and pushed to the podcasters feed automatically. Podcasting pros will find improved integration with external equipment and software, including Skype.

The Spreaker Studio app has a pre-installed set of sound effects. It allows users to create a live show or a podcast and have it published on Spreaker’s platform in a matter of minutes.

Spreaker Launches New Podcast Network

Spreaker LogoCarrying the tagline “All the on demand podcast audio shows you will Adore,” Adore is a new network recently launched by podcasting services provider Spreaker.  Self-described as “…a network of top-notched on demand podcast audio shows,” Adore is coming out of the gate strong with a lineup of eight podcasts:

  • Amateur Traveler
  • The Air-Raid Podcast
  • Evolver Show
  • Mark Levine’s Inside Scoop
  • The Jeff Adams Show
  • The Doug Stewart Show
  • The Sibling Rivalry
  • Spreaker Live Show

No word yet as to whether or not the Adore network will be adding more shows in the future. Regardless, this is an interesting move on behalf of Spreaker, who’s been very busy over the last year, amping up its social media presence and publishing podcast-related articles regularly on its blog. The company is definitely working hard to improve brand awareness in a space that’s becoming more crowded everyday.

iHeartMedia Moves Into Podcast Production

iHeartMedia logoiHeartMedia, the megalithic company formerly known as Clear Channel Communications, recently moved from the distribution side of the digital fence to the production side. iHeart has been active in providing various digital streams across a plethora of platforms for years. The company already includes some podcasts in its directory thru a partnership with Spreaker. Now, like so many other established content purveyors, iHeartMedia will begin producing a number of original shows, specifically as podcasts. These shows will be distributed thru all of the usual digital channels and some may even be heard on iHeart’s network of terrestrial radio stations.

Here’s a list of these new podcasts:

  • Skybound Rundown: Focused on indie games, hosted by “indie gamers.”
  • The Vent: An advice show for moms, hosted by actress Jaime Pressly.
  • Heart of the Beat: Musical artists discuss how their songs were made.
  • Get Mic’d: A realty-style talent show where judges find “the next great iHeartMedia DJ.”
  • Who Is Marty Hirsch?: A parody/mockumentary style show that will feature the voices of celebrity musicians “documenting” the life and times of a fictitious media mogul.

There’s no official word yet as to when these new shows will debut or what their typical running times will be. Along with the new podcast announcement, iHeartMedia also announced a partnership with popular instant messaging app Snapchat. But details of just how these two services will interact is still under wraps.

Will Your Podcast Hosting Company Be Here FOREVER? – PCN Show 013

supernovaIt seems like podcasters deal with a lot of anxiety when it comes to media and website hosting. It’s understandable, as those two things are highly important when it comes to podcasting.

I tried to answer the question, “Will your hosting company be here forever?” If you’re dealing with your own angst over this issue, I hope my findings will help to put your mind at ease.


Original image by Hubble Heritage on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.

Spreaker Adds YouTube Stats

Spreaker LogoPodcast host and media-streaming service Spreaker has added a new feature to its statistics package. Users who subscribe to one of Spreaker’s Broadcaster Pro plans and  share their media on YouTube can now see YouTube stats for those shared items from within the Spreaker dashboard. From the Spreaker blog:

We’re excited to introduce a new figure to your podcasts’ analytics!
Spreaker has always been the only podcasting platform out there allowing you to export your content to Youtube. It only makes sense to have your plays there counted towards your overall stats, too.


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Spreaker Studio App Now Available For Android

Spreaker LogoThere’s always been a noticeable lack of podcast production tools for Android users compared to iOS. But podcast hosting/live-streaming company Spreaker is working to change that with the release of its Spreaker Studio app for Android. From the Spreaker blog:

We’ve punched up our app to include everything you’ve wanted – the ability to add songs and sound effects while you go live, toggle the microphone, and more so that you can take over the entire production of your own podcast or radio show.

Push REC at the top and choose to go live or record and then publish later. Make sure to adjust the microphone and switch it to ON to keep it on the entire time your broadcast, or hold down Push to Talk to only record vocals when you need to. Want to play songs? Tap on Add New Song to start pulling songs from your device, and set them on the decks. Play as you go, or choose Auto DJ to let the playlist run on its own. And don’t forget to tap on any of the sound effects on the right to add extra flair to your content.

When going live, you’ll get a chance to set up your track’s info before you go on the air. When recording offline, your track will instead be placed in your Drafts collection as soon as you choose to publish it.

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Spreaker Adds RSS Customization For Pro Users

Spreaker LogoPodcast host and live-streaming company Spreaker has provided some new features to users of its Pro service. Now, these users can fully customize their RSS feeds, including their iTunes tags. Previously, Spreaker would automatically fill out those tags using information entered into a show’s profile page. From the Spreaker blog post linked above:

Users with every Pro plan, from On-Air Talent to Station, now you can manually customize your RSS feed!

Have complete control over your distributed content’s presentation and iTunes page.

All of you, including Free Speech users, can already copy and paste the RSS feed link we provide directly into your iTunes page or favorite feed burner. The link will automatically extract the information you provided on your show’s Spreaker page and use it on your iTunes page.

Now, Pro users can modify this information. In your show’s edit page, select RSS Feed Customization on the menu at the right. Switch the toggle to MANUAL. You can edit the title, subtitle, summary, image, and much more.

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