TalkShoe has a Pop-Up Podcast Studio in Toronto

TalkShoe announced that they have a pop-up podcast studio at Stackt Market in Toronto. They invite people to come and sit in their recording studio, which has a mic ready for you to express yourself. It is the perfect opportunity to try podcasting and see if you like it.

Talkshoe’s pop-up recording studio, which is inside a shipping container, was made in partnership with Remeyni House of Music and Electrovoice. The studio is outfitted with the latest and greatest equipment tailored to every podcaster’s need.

With a soundboard, headphones, speakers and computer system all hooked up and ready to go, the TalkShoe recording studio is made complete with heavy duty telescopic mic stands, and high quality, smooth sounding microphones provided by Remenyi and Electrovoice, respectively.

Talkshoe is a free all-in-one podcast platform that gives anyone the ability to produce, stream, record, host and share. The community-centric approach is the perfect place for people to learn more about the craft of podcasting and how to do it. Plus, it’s super simple.

Podcasters who want to give TalkShoe’s pop-up podcast studio a try can schedule a date and preferred time in TalkShoe’s calendar. Each session is 60-minutes with all the equipment at your fingertips to put out a hit podcast with top of the line gear. Every podcaster gets their picture taken and hung on the wall.

TalkShoe is Relaunching

TalkShoe is relaunching this summer at Podcast Movement 2018. Those who are attending Podcast Movement can visit TalkShoe there. TalkShoe may sound familiar to you – they have been around for a very long time.

Introducing the new and improved TalkShoe. We kept the good stuff, and added more – still 100% free: free storage, free live streaming, state-of-the-art administrative tools, and a new partner from which to stream: YouTube. TalkShoe is easier than ever to use, allowing you to connect seamlessly with others. Whether phoning or tuning in, use TalkShoe, from podcast to broadcast.

TalkShoe keeps all your data in the same place, so you can grow your following, brand, and business from a centralized platform, which conveniently offers 100% free cloud storage. TalkShoe says you don’t have to worry about losing valuable content. They will take care of moving all your existing files to the new TalkShoe with a seamless switch over.

The new TalkShoe gives you the option to chat with guests from around the world by combining virtual conferencing solutions and live dial-in phone lines, at no cost whatsoever.

With TalkShoe, you can:

  • Connect: Build a profile, build a following, build a brand, build your community, at no cost to you.
  • Record: Record online with the touch of a button and share your podcast via RSS feed, post it on your website, or save it for later.
  • Stream: Connect with your audience by streaming your podcast live and encouraging listeners to call in.
  • Store: Manage and save your podcasts with TalkShoe’s unbeatable cloud storage, for free.
  • Know your Listener Activity: Check your profile for reviews, comments, and connections from fellow casters.

TalkShoe Acquired by VoIP Firm iotum

TalkShoe LogoPodcasting platform TalkShoe has been acquired by Canadian VoIP company iotum. Never heard of TalkShoe? Surprised to learn that the service is still around? You’re not alone. The company hasn’t made much in the way of podcasting news in recent years. Regardless, TalkShoe has been around for awhile. It works similar to BlogTalkRadio in that it allows users to create podcasts by simply dialing in over a phone line. Both TalkShoe and BlogTalkRadio launched a few years after the podcasting medium began. And while both services aren’t always at the forefront of conversations about podcasting, they’ve managed to find a base of loyal users who continue to keep them going.

iotum (yes, they spell it with a lower-case i) is described as:

An award-winning leader in teleconferencing and group communications solutions, iotum provides collaboration SaaS products for organizations of any size. Each service is an easy, reliable and feature-rich conferencing alternative to over-priced or under-featured competitors. iotum’s flagship product,, serves over a billion minutes a year of all–digital conference calls.

With offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, iotum is a fast growing private company and is #199 on Inc. Magazine’s Inc5000 list and No. 27 on the PROFIT 500. Deloitte added iotum to the Fast 500 in 2015.

This is the first podcasting-related acquisition I can think of that’s involved a non-media company buying a podcasting platform. No word yet on what this acquisition may mean for the future of TalkShoe.