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The Messengers Documentary Can be Pre-Ordered on iTunes

The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary is a is a Chris Krimitsos film. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Podfest, one of the largest annual conferences for podcasting in the United States. It is now possible to pre-order The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary on iTunes.

“’The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary’ is an intimate look at the world of podcasting and what compels the independent podcasters to take it on. We visit some of the most influential podcasters and deeply embedded individuals who share about their shows, their communities and the impact podcasting has had on their lives.”

You can pre-order the documentary in HD on iTunes for $5.99. The information in iTunes says “Pre-order contents are subject to change without notice. The final product received may differ.” It also says “Pre-Order: Expected Aug 23, 2017”.

The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary website has plenty of information about the story behind the production, the filmmakers, and a large list of cast and crew. There is also a podcast that provides additional information.

The first time The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary was screened was on February 27, 2017 during the Third Annual Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, Florida. The World Premier of the film was held on March 22, 2017, at the historic Tampa Theater. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary and are interested in checking it out, you might want to pre-order it from iTunes.

The Messengers Documentary has a Kickstarter for Fans

The people behind “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary” have a Kickstarter for fans of the movie. At the time I am writing this post, the Kickstarter has about a month left. It has a flexible goal of $15,875.

The Kickstarter campaign is not about funding the movie. (It was funded in 2016.) The purpose of the Kickstarter is to encourage fans to help them make the launch of “The Messengers” in the iTunes store a national phenomenon.

Your purchase today makes you an official messenger of this special documentary that captures the magic of podcasting. Every purchase comes with the commemorative book, bracelet, and sticker to help spread the word.

However, we want more people to be impacted by what we have created and are asking the podcasting community to hold home viewing parties for the friends and families to watch and spread the message across the globe. We want to raise awareness for this community and need everyone’s help. Our ultimate goal is to get to #1 in the iTunes movie charts for letting the world understand that Podcasting is a legitimate medium that is growing with extremely talented individuals who are serving audiences the world over!

The Kickstarter has several “perks”. Each is designed for people to throw their own Home Screening Party of “The Messengers”. The lowest tier is the $25 Basic Fan Package. It gets you a first-run DVD copy of the movie, a sticker, a bracelet, and a commemorative program. Tiers go all the way up to $1,500. The more you spend, the more copies of the movie, bracelets, stickers, and Commemorative Programs you receive for your home viewing party.

Two New Documentaries Tell the Story of Podcasting

Messengers logoSince the relaunch of Podcaster News in 2014, we’ve noted again and again how large media outlets misunderstand the nature and history of podcasting. No, the medium didn’t start with Serial. No, iTunes didn’t invent podcasting. Yes, there is actually a lot of important podcasting happening outside of the New York media bubblesphere. Now, more than ever, it’s extremely important to get the whole story about what podcasting is, in front of as many people as possible. And that’s what two new podcasting documentaries are hoping to do.

The first documentary is called The Messengers. Here’s the trailer:

The Messengers features interviews with a wide range of podcasters. The documentary is currently in production and will be narrated by Dave Jackson of School of Podcasting (Dave is also a past contributor to Podcaster News).

The other documentary about podcasting is called Ear Buds. Here’s the trailer:

The producers of Ear Buds have traveled all over the world to document not just podcasters, but also the fans who love listening to the shows produced by those podcasters. The documentary will be screened on Thursday, July 7th during the Podcast Movement conference in Chicago.