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Whooshkaa and Ripple Partner in Malaysia

Australian on-demand audio platform Whooshkaa has announced a partnership with leading Malaysian broadcaster Ripple. The partnership will see Whooshkaa’s software power on-demand and dynamic advertising across Ripple’s stable of shows.

Ripple’s lineup of broadcast radio shows and podcasts serve a broad demographic with content in Malay, Chinese, and English.

“Whooshka is an excellent partner with unparalleled insights into the Malaysian marketplace and will help connect new brands and audiences with our original content and radio show podcasts” said Alex Poon, General Manager Tech and Shared Services of Ripple.

“The partnership also means Ripple’s audio inventory will be available alongside all of Whooshka Asian hosted podcasts,” he said.

Whooshkaa CEO Robert Lowenthal said the Whooshkaa platform will help Ripple expand its listenership and advertising reach.

“Our tech stack streamlines the way for companies to unlock their potential using targeted, dynamic advertising, on-demand audio hosting, recording, distribution and commercialization,” he said.

Whooshkaa is an IAB Certified industry leader in digital audio. It delivers best-in-class solutions for podcasters and radio networks, breaking new ground with content creation, delivery, dynamic ad insertion, text to speech options for print media and smart audio technology.

Ripple is an audience-focused digital media, broadcast and commerce company that aims to engage with audiences through content, talents, experiences and platforms. It includes four broadcast brands – Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM, and Kool FM, a podcast platform, Ais Kacang, an e-commerce brand – SuperDeals, and seven digital brands – Dhia, Donna, Lunaria, Thelaki, Likely, Chapters, and Wakeke.

Whooshkaa Makes Listening to Podcasts on Facebook Easier

whooshkaa-logoWhooshkaa is an Australian podcasting platform. It is the first podcasting platform to take advantage of Facebook’s new audio sharing technology. Whooshkaa solves a problem that people faced when trying to listen to podcasts on Facebook.

You may have noticed an annoying problem that happens when you try to listen to a podcast on Facebook. Once you scroll past that content – it stops playing. Whooshkaa is the first in the world to use Facebook’s audio technology for podcasting.

There is a rollout happening on Facebook’s app on iOS (that will be coming soon to Android). After it rolls out, Facebook app users will be able to press play on a podcast link within Facebook and will not need to launch a new window or new page. The podcast will play within the News Feed.

Facebook’s audio player (on the app) will be minimized to the bottom right hand corner of the app screen. This enables people to continue to scroll through Facebook and to keep listening to a podcast that is offered through Facebook.

Here are some things that Whooshkaa can offer podcasters:

* It is a free platform, so you will never see a hosting bill.

* Whooshkaa lets you monetize your podcast and generate revenue with each download.

* Whooshkaa takes care of the ads with messages that fit your audience, which leaves you to focus on the good stuff: creating your podcast.

* Share your podcasts on other sites using Whooshkaa’s embeddable player

* Import your whole back catalog quickly and easily and synchronize with iTunes

* You can record your shows with the support of Whooshkaa’s production team in their Sydney studios, or create your podcast at your place and upload it to Whooshkaa.