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School of PodcastingI’m so pumped to be part of Podcaster News. One of my very first shows was hosted here (I’ve done over 21 shows with over 2000 episodes under my belt). I run the School of Podcasting which is the Internet’s first website dedicated to helping people launch successful podcasts. My podcast about podcasting (the School of Podcasting’s Morning Announcements) was the first “how to podcast” podcast. I’ve been podcasting since 2005. I’ve been called the “Consumer Reports of Podcasting.” I help people avoid the common pitfalls of podcasting (like spending too much on equipment, using bad media hosting, and trying to podcast for free).  You can read what other people say about me on my testimonials page.

My background is in teaching technology. I’ve been doing it a long time (at one time I created a class “Surfing the Internet” as people had no idea what it was). I love taking people who are afraid of the unknown, or confused by technology, and helping them overcome their fears, and anxieties. To see them launch a podcast when they told me weeks ago that “There is no way I’m technical enough to create a podcast,” almost brings tears to my eyes.

I have spoken at numerous events such as New Media Expo, Author Conventions, Podcamps, Meetup Groups, and webinars. I love to talk podcasting with anyone, anywhere, any time. Here are my current shows:

The School of Podcasting’s Morning Announcements (all things podcasting)

Ask the Podcast Coach (live call in show Saturday’s at 10:30 am est)

Podast Review Show (Constructive criticism and powerful praise)

More Podcast Money (my book on podcast monetization)

Weekly Web Tools (wordpress and other tools)

Logical Weight Loss (a no nonsense approach to weight loss)

Marketing Musician (get more fans, gigs, and sales)

Feeding My Faith (God made simple)

I am in constant pursuit of constant improvement in podcast journey. I love to hear about other’s success, and talk the tools of the trade, and the strategies of the successful.

Dave Jackson Personal Podcast Coach


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