Jeff Brown Intro

Hi, I’m Jeff Brown. Before launching my first podcast last year (I do expect there to be others eventually) I made my living as a radio broadcaster. I am an award-winning on-air personality, production director, and copywriter.

In July 2013, I launched the Read to Lead Podcast, a top 10 Business and top 3 Career podcast in iTunes.

In December, I founded Podcaster Academy, a month-long online course taught in 4 modules that also includes one-on-one talent coaching. I leverage my radio experience to teach new and up-and-coming podcasters like you to more intimately connect with your audience. I do this by teaching you:

– Valuable strategies for delivering your content in a more conversational and natural way

– Necessary skills for conducting a great interview

– Techniques and tricks I use to bring your listener into the conversation instead of relegating them to fly-on-the-wall status

I am passionate about helping podcasters be all they can be. As a medium, podcasting is already up against a number of hurdles. Your performance shouldn’t be one of them. Together, let’s lower the barrier to entry.