New Skype TX is Designed for Broadcasters

Skype LogoToday, Microsoft unveiled a new version of Skype that’s designed specifically for use by broadcasters. This new edition of the popular VOiP client is called Skype TX. (“TX” is likely a reference to an accepted abbreviation for “transmission.”) This is the first time in history that a specialized version of Skype has been developed and it looks like Microsoft is reacting to the growing number of media creators (big and small) who are using the application.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided a complete list of technical specifications or pricing for Skype TX. But here are some things that are known about the upcoming release:

* Support for HD-SDI input/output
* Handles multiple calls thru a single interface
* Potentially distracting call alerts and notifications have been eliminated
* Balanced audio input/output
* Auto aspect ratio conversion

More features are listed on the official Skype blog.

Skype XT looks like it could be a valuable upgrade for most podcasters and it’s encouraging to see Microsoft reacting to the needs of media producers, many of whom have had to turn to homemade solutions to make Skype work with their production setups.

Microsoft has posted a contact form where you can request further information about Skype TX.

What do you think of this new version of Skype? Will it be beneficial to podcasters and other media creators?

Posted by Shawn Thorpe

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