Podcast RSS Feed Survey Results

Recently there has been mis-information being put out by a commercial podcast hosting company claiming that Podcast RSS feeds hosted on WordPress sites is a bad idea. So a week or more ago I asked podcasters a series of survey questions about their Podcast RSS feed to get podcasters to weigh in on the topic.

The recent shutdown of Mevio giving podcasters 10 days to move, will hit home here in the importance of controlling ones rss feed. I look forward to seeing your comments on the results of the survey.

Here are the survey results a total of 1180 podcaster participated.

1. Number of years you have been Podcasting

1 – 31.03%
2 – 12.07%
3 – 8.62%
4 – 6.90%
5 – 5.17%
6 – 5.17%
7 – 5.17%
8 – 8.62%
9 – 15.52%
10 – 1.72%

2. Do you have your own Website aka YourDomain.com

Yes – 98.28%
No – 1.72%

3. Where are you hosting your actual Podcast Media?

More than 95% where hosting at one of these 4 services (Amazon s3, Blubrry, Libsyn, Self Hosting)

4. Do you use WordPress?

Yes – 94.14%
No – 5.86

5. Do you use a Podcasting Plugin if so which one?

None – 5.51%
PodPress – 1.1%
PodLove – 0.7%
PowerPress – 92.39%
SoundCloud – 0.2% (Not a plugin)
Others – 0.1

6. What RSS Feed are you using to feed iTunes?

The RSS Feed from my own website – 77.57%
The RSS Feed from Feedburner – 18.21%
The RSS Feed from my Hosting Provider – 4.22%

7. if you answered my Hosting Provider or Feedburner do you have a plan to recover your RSS feed / Audience if they go out of business or stop the service?

Yes- 33.01%
No- 66.99% (I find this number simply Incredible)

Comments. (Currently moving to PowerPress | Newsletter – copies of all eps – social media – website announcement | Going to switch the feed soon to my own site | Redirect via iTunes| 301 redirect from Feedburner | I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.| Beg Apple to update my feed)

8. On a scale 1-10 with 10 being the highest how important is it that you control your own rss feed?

1 – 0.00%
2 – 0.01%
3 – 0.01%
4 – 0.01%
5 – 1.45%
6 – 1.57%
7 – 1.77%
8 – 5.34%
9 – 5.61%
10- 78.79%
A third party controls my RSS feed 5.17%

9.If you are a WordPress user have you ever had a problem with your Podcast RSS feed?

Yes – 2.07%
No – 92.16%
N/A – 5.77%

Comments on Question 9 only received 4 from the 1180 respondents. (The feed got too large, over 512k.| Had to have it fixed by a developer! $$$. I think it was a bad plugin! | A plugin messed up the RSS feed on a client’s site.| My feed went invalid due to you tube videos | The last time it went invalid I gave up (it was a pluigin, and the show is almost dead) and changed my feed ti Libsyn.com as it worked.)

10. Have you ever used a third party service for your RSS feed and have had issues?

Yes – 10.34%
No – 89.66%

Comments: (Their site went down for an extended period | Feed burner stopped working -also stat reporting failed | Feedburner wouldn’t update – Also used Libsyn for a while and the feed quit a few times | I did have trouble when I controlled my own feed. This still bugs me! | Libsyn jacked my feed and their support was slow so I switched to my own feed)

11. For those that control their RSS feed on their own website have you ever regretted doing so?

Yes – 2.02%
No – 97.98%

12. What advice would you give a new podcaster that is starting out today when it comes to their RSS feed.
Note: We received over 900 responses to this question alone I have tried to cover all themes.

Control it, use your own. When submitting to iTunes and other podcast directories use a podcast only feed, not the main site feed.
Control your own so that you have the ability to seamlessly pull away and move at your leisure.
Generate your own feed via WordPress.
Use Powerpress, own your feed.
Control it yourself…..
Have your own and that it’s a podcast only RSS feed.
Use your own site!
If you’re using a “free” service that doesn’t give you control over your own feed make sure you run it through Feedburner so you can keep some control over it.
Get your own and keep it simple!
Control your feed it is your brand and audience.
Host your files on Libsyn and use your rss feed from your WordPress blog using Poweerpress
Trust the professionals
Understand how to control your own RSS feed or no how to redirect it should you need to before launching your podcast.
Keep it on your own server. Validate using FeedValidator.
use a third party
Just know what it is, where it is, and how you can access and modify it.
Use Libsyn
Always control your own RSS feed. It’s the lifeblood of your podcast.
Use Blubrry Hosting + WordPress and PowerPress

I want to thank the podcasters that took the time to answer this survey. We will be running more surveys in the future.

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