Bossjock Demonstrates “Frankenskype” For Mobile Podcasting

Bossjock LogoBossjock Studio, developers of the popular Bossjock podcast-production app for iOS have released a demo of a mobile podcast production setup they call “Frankenskype.”

There are two topics of discussion that come up frequently on podcasting-centric forums: 1.) How to record Skype calls. 2.) How to produce mobile recordings. It looks like Bossjock  tried to solve both of these problems by bringing Frankenskype to life. To elaborate, Frankenskype isn’t a product so much as it’s a technique for using battery-powered mobile gear to record both ends of a Skype call into the Bossjock app.

The demo uses an iPhone, an iPad  and the 9-volt powered ART USB Dual Pre along with an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Frankenskype breaks down like this:

  • * Camera Connection Kit plugged into iPad.
  • * USB Dual Pre plugged into Camera Connect Kit.
  • * Analog microphone (the demo uses an ATR2100, but almost any mic will work) using an XLR cable plugged into one input of the Dual Pre.
  • * Audio cable from the iPhone’s headphone jack connected to the other input of the USB Dual Pre.
  • * USB cable from the Dual Pre connected to the Camera Connection Kit on the iPad.

In the demo, the two sides of the conversation connect via FaceTime on the iPhone. But any VOiP software could be used (Skype, Hangouts, etc.). The person conducting and recording the call speaks normally and his voice is picked up by the iPhone’s built-in microphone as well as the mic connected to the Dual Pre. This allows the interviewee to hear the interviewer’s voice, and the interviewer’s voice is also recorded by the Bossjock app on the iPad. Then, the sound of the interviewee’s voice is sent from the iPhone’s headphone jack into the Dual Pre so his voice will also be recorded by the Bossjock app. By default, this setup creates a mix-minus effect, so there’s no worries about the caller’s sound causing a feedback loop. From there, the person recording the interview can monitor the production with headphones connected to the iPad.

The Boosjock app allows for the insertion of prerecorded sound clips. So it’s possible to use a setup like this to create a fully functional podcast recording rig. (Note: Interviewees won’t be able to hear when those sound clips are played.) As stated above, Frankenskype is more of a concept than an actual product. You could probably replicate its results using other gear and apps. But if you’re looking for a reliable way to conduct remote interviews using mobile equipment, Bossjock’s demo is a great place to start.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe

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