Media Hosting Getting More Competitive – Podbean Unlmited at $8/month has rolled out an unlimited plan for podcasters. They offer unlimited band width and storage for $8 a month for audio and $18 a month for video.

PodbeanThis may be in response to Soundcloud ($15 a month for unlimited audio).  Companies like and have had unlimited storage and bandwidth from day one.

This does not mean all media hosting is created equal. There are things to consider like support, stats (accurate stats I might add) and up time. I’ve invited Podbean to come on my show (about podcasting) and I couldn’t get a response. After hounding them, I finally got them to fill me in that they are in Canada. Other than that, the podcast space has very little on this company. If you go to their about us page there is no phone, address, etc. The only way to contact them is through email.

You can read about my attempts here. 

The one thing I like about and is they have a very strong presence in the podcasting community.

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One thought on “Media Hosting Getting More Competitive – Podbean Unlmited at $8/month

  1. I had a Podbean account for a month or two a few years ago. All I wanted to use the service for was backend media hosting. But they forced me to publish a “blog” on their site with each episode in order to get the full path to the URL’s of my media files. Maybe their system has changed since then. Regardless, this new hosting offer isn’t enough to make me want to try Podbean again.

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