WWDC 2014: Nothing New For Media Producers

WWDC LogoApple’s latest Worldwide Developer Conference is happening this week in San Francisco. During Monday’s keynote address, presenters from Apple as well as third-party companies covered new and upcoming developments in the world of Apple software. And the key word here is software. The focus being on new versions of Mac OS X and iOS. And while these updates look like they’ll provide some cool new features for most users, I saw very little that would be of interest to new media producers.

In fact, the only thing that really grabbed my attention is included in the new Continuity feature. The idea behind Continuity is that it allows a seamless experience between iOS devices and Apple computers. One thing Continuity will allow users to do is to take iPhone calls thru their Macs. If Continuity uses Core Audio, it could be possible to record those calls on the Mac, which would be handy for interviews. Not that there aren’t plenty of solutions for doing that already…

One thing that’s particularly disappointing is the lack of any announcements for AppleTV. Many producers have been waiting patiently for Apple to open AppleTV to third-party apps. But that’s clearly not going to happen anytime soon. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next big Apple shindig to see if the company has anything in store for those of us on the media creation side.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe