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Greetings! I’m Mike Dell and I am very happy to be writing for PodcasterNews.com!

I started podcasting in April of 2005 with a laptop and a $10 stick mic that came with a desktop computer I bought. Needless to say, it sounded like garbage, but I was hooked. That podcast (Mike Dell’s World) is still going on a “once in a while” basis (with a MUCH better sound). I’ve done several other shows that have come and gone. Today I have my main show Podcast Help Desk which is a podcast about podcasting with an emphasis on answering questions about the technology of podcasting with some news, opinion and how-tos thrown in there as needed.

I also work with RawVoice Inc. (Parent company of Blubrry.com and Techpodcasts.com) as the tech support guy. I really enjoy working with other podcasters on the geeky side of the Podcast world.

My focus on PodcasterNews.com will be to cover the technology side of the podcast space. I plan on writing about new products, new versions of old products and services around the podcasting world. I will give my opinion, good or bad when something new comes out and will re-visit some of the old standards along the way.

If you have something you want me to take a look at, you can contact me on twitter (@mgdell) or email mike [at] mikedell.com

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  1. Welcome about, Mike! Looking forward to your submissions here at Podcaster News. Also, I just followed you on Twitter.

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