Are You Obsessed With New & Noteworthy? – PCN Show 001

Podcaster News Show 001 artworkWelcome to the debut episode of the Podcaster News Show, a podcast produced by the editors of Podcaster News.

In this episode, Shawn and Jen Thorpe ask the question, are you obsessed with getting into iTunes New & Noteworthy? It seems like in recent months, more and more podcasters are talking about getting into New & Noteworthy. One podcaster even considered relaunching his show because, even tho his show did make it into New & Noteworthy, he felt his time there wasn’t optimal.

Links mentioned during the podcast:

@PodcastingNews – Podcaster News Twitter account.

@shawno – Shawn’s Twitter account.

@QueenofHaiku – Jen’s Twitter account.

Beware Of Podcast Snake Oil Sellers Promising Riches – an article I wrote for Podcaster News.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe