Is Nobody Likes Onions The First Podcast To Have Its Own Cryptocurrency?

NLO Coin logoLong-running comedy podcast Nobody Likes Onions recently released a self-branded form of cryptocurrency called NLO Coin. The launch of NLO Coin was announced thru the show’s Twitter account:

The link to download the NLO Coin client is only available thru the show’s Facebook group. The client was developed by one of the show’s fans and is currently only available for OS X. (NLO Coin clients for other platforms may be developed over time. As an interesting aside, NLO Coin is probably the only cryptocurrency exclusively available to Mac users.)

Host and creator of Nobody Likes Onions, Patrick Melton, is also the host of the Coinsider This! podcast, a show dedicated to Bitcoin talk and cryptocurrency news. It’s likely that Melton’s ever-growing fascination with digital currency was the inspiration for minting NLO Coin in the first place.

It’s unclear at this time just what NLO Coin will be traded for. Possibilities include Nobody Likes Onions merchandise or other show-related goods. Fans of the show have suggested using it as a way to bid for special on-air requests during live broadcasts of the show.

Regardless, NLO Coin is a unique idea in generating audience interest and participation. It seems like only a matter of time before other shows get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and release digital coins of their own.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe

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