Mixlr Releases Beta App For Android, iOS Update

Mixlr LogoAudio-streaming service Mixlr, used by many podcasters for live broadcasts, is making some news on the mobile front. The company has released a beta version of an Android app and Mixlr has also updated its iOS app.

These Mixlr apps allow for broadcasting directly from mobile devices and they also allow users to listen to streams created thru Mixlr. The new Android app is particularly exciting as there aren’t many of these types of apps yet on that platform. From the Mixlr blog:

“Broadcast high-quality live audio from all your mobile devices. Just like our other apps, you can also record your live broadcast and save it to your showreel to share and listen back to later.

Listen to all your favourite Mixlr live broadcasters on the go. We’ll also send you push notifications when a broadcaster you follow goes live, so you’ll never miss another Mixlr. You can also follow other Mixlr users from right inside the app.”

Mixlr is stressing that the Android app is in beta and that they’re looking for feedback and bug reports from users. The company has also stated that they’ll soon be adding chat functionality to the Android app and they’re also hoping to make the app compatible with older versions of the Android operating system.

Along with the release of the beta Android app, Mixlr has also updated its iOS app. The iOS version works just like the Android version in that it can be used for creating as well as consuming Mixlr streams. The Mixlr blog states that the update contains a “range of fixes and improvements.” Including:

  • *Live broadcasts will now be more efficient and use less bandwidth.
  • *Chat should be more stable and no longer disconnect. Also, chat messages containing certain characters will no longer be truncated.
  • *Fixed various issues connecting and reconnecting to live streams.


I have used Mixlr’s desktop app for creating live streams and it works quite well. I can definitely see some potential for these mobile apps. I’ll have to do some experimentation to see if I can put them to good use.

Posted by Shawn Thorpe

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