Spreaker Adds RSS Customization For Pro Users

Spreaker LogoPodcast host and live-streaming company Spreaker has provided some new features to users of its Pro service. Now, these users can fully customize their RSS feeds, including their iTunes tags. Previously, Spreaker would automatically fill out those tags using information entered into a show’s profile page. From the Spreaker blog post linked above:

Users with every Pro plan, from On-Air Talent to Station, now you can manually customize your RSS feed!

Have complete control over your distributed content’s presentation and iTunes page.

All of you, including Free Speech users, can already copy and paste the RSS feed link we provide directly into your iTunes page or favorite feed burner. The link will automatically extract the information you provided on your show’s Spreaker page and use it on your iTunes page.

Now, Pro users can modify this information. In your show’s edit page, select RSS Feed Customization on the menu at the right. Switch the toggle to MANUAL. You can edit the title, subtitle, summary, image, and much more.

Along with this RSS customization feature, Spreaker has also added the ability for users to redirect their Spreaker RSS feeds. Unlike RSS customization, the redirect feature is open to all users, even those who have free accounts. It’s good to see Spreaker offering the redirect service as it will allow podcasters who rely on their Spreaker RSS feed to easily migrate to a new service if needed.

I believe it’s always best to host and control your own podcast RSS feed. But I understand that’s not possible for everyone. With these new features, if I needed to recommend a fully hosted podcasting service, Spreaker would be a top contender.

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