Telepod Is A New High-Quality Call Recording Service For Podcasters

Telepod LogoPodcasters are always looking for simple and reliable ways to record conference calls. Over the years, many solutions have been provided. Some are simple, software-based solutions. Others require multiple pieces of hardware and cables. Often, no matter what system has been employed, the audio quality of the end product can vary wildly, usually due to conditions that are outside of a podcaster’s control. The need for something better has given rise to a bevy of services promising to record calls with an easy, high-quality system.

The latest entrant to this field to make podcasting news is Telepod. The service is currently in an invitation-only beta. On its website, Telepod lists its features as:

  • 48Khz, 300kbps crystal-clear audio that sounds like you’re in the same room.
  • Record their side, your side, or both. Save the recordings as WAV, AIFF, OGG, or MP3.
  • Connect any mic to your computer and you’re set. USB mics, webcams, fancy audio interfaces, all will work with Telepod.
  • Connect across city, across the country, across the hall. Have a remote session with anyone who has a good internet connection.
  • Nothing to install, no plugins. Connect, listen and record using only your web browser. It’s as simple as clicking a link.
  • Your links, your sounds, your recordings, all encrypted and out of harm’s way.

This is not a free service. Telepod offers a three-tier pricing program starting at $15/month. The first tier only allows users to speak to each other thru Telepod. The second tier ($20/month) is where recording services begin, and additional features are offered from there.

You can learn more about Telepod and sign up for a beta invitation by clicking the link above.

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