Women in Podcasting: Interview with Amy Robles

MilFamMonth podcasting newsAmy Robles is a mom and a military spouse. She is also a blogger and the creator of The Family Knot podcast.

Her podcast delves into the military lifestyle and offers advice for families who must learn to cope with the many changes and stresses that can happen when one spouse is in the military. The Family Knot seemed like the perfect podcast to highlight during November since it is Military Family Appreciation Month.

When did you first start podcasting? What’s your experience in podcasting from then to now?

So I am new podcaster, and can I just tell you that I LOVE this stuff! Next week will be my tenth episode of the show and I feel like we have worked out some the kinks and are making some great progress connecting with the audience. Woohoo!

It has been an incredible summer for me. I was the girl that would…ahem… “fight with the remote control,” and after a few months learning from Meron Bareket and Podcast Incubator I’ve been able to produce my show.

The Family Knot, is specifically focused on military spouses. These spouses have additional stress from: having a partner who is gone for long periods of time, possibly in danger; remaining a constant support for the rest of the family; moving to a completely new place every few years; and quite frankly, family finances can be tricky in the middle of all of this.

That’s why I created a show that is helping families, making a contribution, and reaching out to inspire spouses and combat the loneliness that can happen.

The best part of this entire experience is how much I’ve been able to grow, communicate with influential people, ask specific questions to help my audience get one step closer to reaching their dreams. Or figuring out a better way to handle the family finances. It’s all part of the big picture.

What inspired you to become a podcaster?

It’s been said “Write the book you want to read.” As I became friends with spouses in different branches of the military, whether Active Duty or Reserves, National Guard or the Navy, in any part of the world, I found some real commonalities.

Whether the deployment time is 90 days, 9 months, or even 18 months there are some similarities in the challenges that come from this life. Spouses can connect, build up one another and support each other through difficult times. That’s the only way to have a solid foundation when your other half is gone. You have to create it. Why wasn’t there a place where not just Army spouses or Marine spouses or Reserves Spouses get together, but we all get together to build a positive environment.

That’s precisely what inspired me to create The Family Knot.

Can you tell us more about The Family Knot? What topics does it focus on?

There’s two main areas of focus on the show. Each could be an independent show, but by combining the two we have reached a far greater number of families in the short time we’ve be running.

First, appreciating the challenges of military life. Not that they are wonderful. But they are manageable. By openly discussing challenges that are completely normal, (like fighting with your spouse before they leave for a long period of time. Who knew that was normal?) We can better understand our perspective and as a couple work through it. How about the challenge of making a new apartment, that is smaller than your last one, feel like home? What about helping your kids move into a new school, again? Are there strategies to help in these situations. This is what we discuss here.

Next, it is not easy to move from place to place and maintain consistent employment. A military spouse resume can be problematic. You’ve had how many 2 year jobs? And the jobs available can be lower paying, making child care even more costly to the family unit. The Family Knot explores employment and entrepreneurship opportunities from home. Interviews with business people working from home offer ideas for the military spouse. This way, the spouse can be home with children, if necessary, the position is location independent, and they can help with family finances.

What words of wisdom do you have for women who are thinking about starting their own podcast?

Look, girl. I get it. Creating a podcast is a whole new ball game. But I did it. And I am not a techie.

You can do it. Figure out who you are really talking to. What do they need to hear? What can you help them learn? You don’t have to be the expert, but you do have to ask the right questions. Involving others in your show builds your credibility. Ask for interviews with great guests.

You have no idea how much you can help others, how much fun this is and what you can accomplish! In fact, tweet me about your project @itsamyrobles I would love to cheer you on in your journey!

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