Spreaker Adds YouTube Stats

Spreaker LogoPodcast host and media-streaming service Spreaker has added a new feature to its statistics package. Users who subscribe to one of Spreaker’s Broadcaster Pro plans and  share their media on YouTube can now see YouTube stats for those shared items from within the Spreaker dashboard. From the Spreaker blog:

We’re excited to introduce a new figure to your podcasts’ analytics!
Spreaker has always been the only podcasting platform out there allowing you to export your content to Youtube. It only makes sense to have your plays there counted towards your overall stats, too.


You’ll be able to see the number of listens you get from your Youtube-shared episodes in your overall plays and sources in your Statistics page!
We’ve also reworked your stats’ look with colorful new graphics to help you out at a glance.

While YouTube itself isn’t really a podcasting platform, many podcasters do publish content to YouTube in addition to their main shows. With this upgrade to its system, Spreaker is the first media-hosting company to integrate YouTube plays into its stats package.

It’s worth noting that Spreaker only tracks media you’ve shared directly from Spreaker to YouTube. If you’ve uploaded videos directly to YouTube or if you’ve imported videos from some other source, stats for those videos won’t show up in your Spreaker dashboard. Regardless, it’s a cool feature and it’s good to see Spreaker continue to expand its toolset for media creators.

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