BuzzFeed Moves Into Podcasting

BuzzFeed logoQuarter one of 2015 has been a busy time for established media companies starting up their own podcasts. The trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down as listicle-driven blog site BuzzFeed just launched some podcasts of its own. The New York based company moved into the medium with two shows. One is called Internet Explorer and the other is named Another Round. Both are hosted by BussFeed staff members.

As the name suggests, Internet Explorer (no relation to the web browser with the same name) is a show that plays on one of BuzzFeed’s biggest strengths; unusual and/or interesting things that come from the farthest reaches of the Internet. Another Round is a show hosted by two women that focuses on race, gender and related cultural issues.

BuzzFeed is somewhat notorious for its “more page views at all costs” business model. But running in contradiction to that philosophy, these new podcasts won’t immediately run any advertising. It’s a curious move on BuzzFeed’s part. Perhaps the company is hoping to build an audience on the back of the ad-free content, and then start running ads after subscribers are already hooked on the content. It feels like an old fashioned approach in a time when the rush to monetize podcasts is moving faster than ever.

If you’d like to check out these new offerings from BuzzFeed, they’re available thru iTunes and presumably, most other popular podcasting directories. I couldn’t find dedicated pages for the shows on BuzzFeed’s website. I guess that’s the part of their launch plan that didn’t include some of that old fashioned thinking.