GeekBeat Podcast (and host) Getting New Name

Geeks Life logoLast week, it was announced that long-running tech news podcast GeekBeat TV would be shutting down and the show’s hosts, Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides, would be going their separate ways. Lewis will be continuing her role as a tech reporter with the new project Geeks Life. Pozadzides stated in his final episode of GeekBeat TV that he is “re-retiring,” and he has yet to make any formal announcements on future plans of his own.

Very little in terms of official details have been provided as to why the two decided to end GeekBeat TV and their partnership. But in a candid 17-minute video, Lewis explained why the brand name is changing and she also gave a few insights into the reasons for the change. She implied that if GeekBeat TV were to go on, it would likely be sold to a larger media company, something she wasn’t comfortable doing. She also intimated that most of the GeekBeat TV staff (herself included) were underpaid and that she’d like to get to a place where they’re making more than just “startup money.”

And GeekBeat TV changing its name to Geeks Life isn’t the only rechristening happening here. Cali Lewis announced that from here forward, she’s going to be working under her actual name, Luria Petrucci. It’s not so much a name change for the reporter, tho. She’s just dropping the name Cali Lewis, which was a pseudonym she started using with the GeekBrief.TV podcast, a project that preceded GeekBeat TV.

Here’s the video where Petrucci talks about the changes:

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