Iglu Radio is Different than the Big-Box Apps

Iglu Radio logo Podcaster NewsIglu Radio is offering something to podcasters that is different from what the “big-box” apps can offer. This free listener app is for podcasts and independent radio programs. They are focusing on the smaller, community based, podcasts instead of the gigantic ones.

Iglu (pronounced “Igloo”) is the Inuit word for home. The term “Iglu Radio” is intended to describe hometown radio and the on-air hosts behind those microphones. Each of these shows has an attention to their homegrown audience in a way that is not found on nationalized radio programs.

What can they do for your homegrown podcast? One thing they offer is free Push Notifications with embedded graphics that will promote your show and sponsor. Those Push Notifications will route your listeners directly to your program page and will include your show logo.

They provide your listeners with an easy to find host directory. Iglu Radio is only going to house “several hundred programs”, instead of the tens of thousands of programs that other apps include. This will make your podcast stand out from the crowd, instead of being lost in a vast sea of podcasts found on other apps.

It seems to me that Iglu Radio might be a good fit for smaller, independent, podcasts that are trying to grow an audience. It might be especially useful for podcasts that focus on the news and events that are happening in a specific, small, place (like a neighborhood or small town).