Livestream Gets a New CEO

Livestream LogoMedia-streaming service Livestream announced earlier this month that it’s had a change at the top. Company founder and long-running CEO Max Haot has been succeeded by new CEO Jerry Hertzberg. From a Livestream blog post written by Haot:

…I recruited Jesse to succeed me as CEO with the full support of our co-founders and the Livestream board of directors. Most recently, Jesse ran operations at Squarespace and Etsy – two of the most admired technology companies here in New York City – where he was instrumental in helping them achieve scale.

Haot isn’t departing from Livestream. Also from the blog:

…I’m excited to focus my energy on my new role as SVP & GM, Video Products. Going forward, I will be responsible for all of our video production offerings. I will also continue to serve as Chairman of the board.

Hertzberg also contributed to that blog post, stating that this transition was decided upon by the founders of the company. There’s plenty of corporate fluff-speak about “the tireless efforts of our remarkable team members” and “we will be able to move the company forward faster than ever before, with the comfort of knowing that each of us cares about every single detail that goes into building world-class products,” etc.

This change seems to have gone down relatively quietly for Livestream. There’s no information about it anywhere outside of the official blog post. It’s not automatically a bad thing when companies change CEO’s. But many times, it’s an indication that a company is stagnating and looking to get a shot of new blood. Perhaps Hertzberg will be the shot Livestream needs to reach the next level.