EnhanceCast is Launching in Summer of 2015

EnhanceCast logo Podcaster NewsEnhanceCast is creating a new podcaster advertising platform that connects podcasters with advertisers. They are currently seeking podcasts to join. There is no minimum listener requirements and it is free to join.

In my experience, one of the most difficult thing about podcasting is trying to figure out how to make money from it. Some advertisers are simply not interested in working with podcasts that have less than a certain amount of listeners. Others don’t pay unless the podcaster convinces enough of their listeners to buy the advertiser’s product or service.

EnhanceCast is offering something different. In short, a podcaster can select if they want to do a pre-roll audio ad spot, a mid-roll ad spot, a post-roll ad spot, or all three. The podcaster can set their own price – per 1,000 downloads (for the pre-roll ad) and per 1,000 listens for either of the other two ad spots.

There are no exclusivity agreements or on-going service contracts. EnhanceCast says that all podcasters have to do is endorse the advertisers during their podcast and they will get paid. Podcasters can also get paid extra if they list the advertisers on their website or social media. Monthly payouts are made via Paypal (for all completed ads).

Podcasters are allowed to choose which advertisers they want to endorse. After telling EnhanceCast what ad spots you want on your show, you will see information about the advertisers. Podcasters have the right to approve or reject any ad.

In addition to connecting podcasters with advertisers, EnhanceCast will automatically enhance your podcast with interactive show notes for free. I’m not entirely clear on what that means. The EnhanceCast website also says: We’ll link to your website, facebook page, and twitter account whenever it’s mentioned in your audio. This will increase your leads/likes/sales/sign-ups/subscribers/ad revenue.

It sounds to me like EnhanceCast is trying to give advertisers, and podcasters, an easy way to connect. It’s free to join, so if it sounds interesting to you, it won’t cost you any money to try out. On the one hand, it doesn’t sound difficult to read an ad, verbatim, on a podcast. Personally, though, I think I’d like to hear how well this worked for other podcasters before I jump in.