Vimeo Launches Monthly Subscription Service

Vimeo logoVideo distribution platform Vimeo has become a leader in providing monetization options for media producers. A few years ago, Vimeo began offering an on-demand paid service that has seen wide adoption by independent film and video directors. This on-demand service is based on a 90/10 revenue split between producers who use the service and Vimeo. This has proven to be a successful strategy for Vimeo and it’s seen by many as the only real monetization alternative to typical channels like YouTube which mostly rely on low paying preroll or overlay ads.

Vimeo is stepping up its paid services game as now the platform has added monthly subscriptions to its on-demand offerings. This new service will see the same 90/10 revenue split in favor of producers. Users who’d like to create their own subscription-based video channels can set their own monthly fees for access and then add as much (or as little) new content as they’d like. This could be an extremely useful development for podcasters who produce a lot of premium videos that they’d like to keep behind a paywall. Also, the monthly subscription model falls more in line with how podcasters operate, as opposed to the one-off system previously offered by Vimeo On Demand.

Accessing Vimeo’s on-demand services requires a Vimeo Pro account at a cost of $199/year. So, the service might be a bit pricey for producers who haven’t yet built up a decent-sized catalog. But if this new subscription service sounds right for you, head over to Vimeo and get signed up.

One thought on “Vimeo Launches Monthly Subscription Service

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