Huffington Post Needs an Audio Editor

Huffington Post LogoIf you’ve got the right qualifications, it’s a good time to be in the podcasting industry. With each passing week, more and more podcasting jobs are hitting the classifieds. And it’s not just startups looking for podcasting-savvy talent. Earlier this month, digital media juggernaut Huffington Post put up a listing on its website for an Associate Audio Editor. The position is available at Huffington Post’s New York office and it is a full-time job:

We are looking for someone with audio editing chops and editorial sensibilities. The Associate Audio Editor will be in charge of taking HuffPost Podcast episodes from tape to polished shows. Reporting to the Senior Producer and working closely with the SP, Audio Engineer and Hosts, the Associate Editor will be in charge of assisting with recordings and field recordings; editing episodes and feature stories; helping to steer episode development and execution; and overseeing research. The Associate Editor will help hone our existing shows, and shape the future of our young program.

The Associate Audio Editor will participate in editorial planning, edit interviews and create rough cuts, second cuts and final cuts, perform production tasks including writing, editing, reporting, booking and arranging, work on other special projects and administrative tasks as needed, and more.

To get further information on this job and apply, head over to the Huffington Post website.