Audio Hackathon 2015 is Coming

This American Life LogoThe term “hackathon” is fairly self-explantory. Take a bunch of like-minded people, put them together in the same place over the course of a day or two, and see what they create. Hackathons are nothing new in the software development world. And now, the producers of This American Life are bringing the concept to podcasting with their first-ever Audio Hackathon. From the Hackathon website:

Quality content deserves quality technology. Captivating stories deserve an incredible listening experience. Better tech could make it easier to access, share and discover great stories and great moments within stories. We want your help brainstorming and implementing new and exciting ways to hear the world.

We are inviting developers, coders, designers, producers, sound designers…anyone who has skills and ideas to offer to join us. We will group you into teams, and after introductory talks by audio professionals, you will participate in a two day hackathon. Afterward, teams will present their creations to our speakers and to employees from our partners, who will evaluate and critique their work.

The event will host some notable speakers:

  • Ira Glass of This American Life
  • Alex Blumberg of Serial
  • Daniel Alarc√≥n of Radio Ambulante
  • Dana Chivvis of Serial
  • Sean Rameswaram of Studio 360
  • Anne Wootton of Pop Up Archive
  • Andrew Kuklewicz of PRX
  • Kristin Calhoun of PMP
  • Stephanie Foo of This American Life

Audio Hackathon will take place in New York on September 19th and 20th. The Hackathon¬†website doesn’t state whether or not the event is open to the general public.