Podcasts App Crashing after iOS 9 Update

podcastsThis week, Apple unleashed iOS 9, the latest version of the operating system that runs all of the company’s iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, onto the general public. After applying the latest iOS update and rebooting their devices, many users came to find that Podcasts, Apple’s proprietary podcast app for iOS, was no longer working.

A thread started by user jplang56 on the Apple Support Communities forum about this problem has racked up 58 replies so far. Most of the responses are from other iOS users expressing their own frustrations with the now-broken Podcasts app.

I’ve tried the app on my iPhone 6 Plus as well as my iPad Mini Retina and it worked fine for me on both devices. But I don’t use Podcasts as my main podcast consumption app, so I don’t have very large podcast libraries inside the Podcasts app. Being subscribed to a lot of different shows may be a factor in this issue, as many users are reporting that they’re receiving an “Updating Library” message just before the app shuts down.

No one from Apple has yet to chime in on this problem. If you’ve been affected, try some of the solutions users have posted in the support thread linked above. Presumably, Apple will address this issue with the next iOS update.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Podcasts app, I highly recommend Downcast. I’ve used it for a couple years on iOS and my iMac and it’s been a good experience so far. Downcast has also survived the transition to iOS 9 with no known issues.

12 thoughts on “Podcasts App Crashing after iOS 9 Update

  1. Nice job guys. You come up first for “podcasts ios9 broken” in Google. Since you have that position, can I offer some unsolicited advice (so we can get this fixed ASAP)?

    Update this article to call affected users (like me) to provide feedback *directly* to Apple. It’s the best chance we have at being heard. Thanks so much in advanced if you do it. And if you don’t, then I’ll never eat ice cream again. 😉

    Here’s the link directly to podcast app feedback. Feedback takes 2 minutes.


  2. Yep,after updating my new iPhone 6 my podcast app crashes after opening it. Shame I’m addicted to my daily dose of podcast listening. What to do now?

  3. Luckily it’s only crashing for people who use it a lot. For people who don’t use it, there isn’t a problem…

  4. Me too. Crashing upon attempting to open. Library contains about 2gb worth. I’m miserable without it. Went into Apple Store where I was told to buy downcast instead. Praying for a fix.

    1. It’s too bad this problem wasn’t fixed in iOS 9.0.1. It’s my understanding that this was a known issue when iOS 9 was still in beta. Why Apple chose to ship iOS 9 with this bug is beyond me.

  5. I submitted feedback to Apple on the above link. Too bad they don’t respond. I have a library of over 30 podcasts which I listen to daily. I am also the owner of a podcast in iTunes, and this bug affects my listeners – and Apple has not reached out to us. Very poor on Apple’s part. Overcast and Downcast are two alternatives, but I hate the thought of having to load all my podcasts into one of these.

  6. I’ve had this same problem and tried the online fixes, such as deleting my library 😢
    Which sadly did not work… And the update to 9.0.1 also made no difference…
    I’ve just submitted a report to apple… Fingers crossed…
    And I’ve not been offered a 9.0.2 update yet…
    This is a little bit concerning as I would like to start podcasting in future but will certainly wait until they fix this bug!

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