‘Podcasts Are The Best’ Blog Takes on Reviews, Interviews

Blogger LogoWhether it’s for promotional purposes or just to get some honest feedback, podcasters are always looking for reviews of their shows. Sometimes, these reviews come in the form of ratings and comments left on directories like iTunes. And sometimes,┬áthose reviews may come from trusted friends or audience members who can provide a critical perspective. In other cases, there may just be kind-hearted souls out there who really like podcasts and want to talk about them.

I’m pretty sure it’s the third category that describes the Podcasts Are The Best blog. The site was launched in February, 2015. Since then, it’s ┬áproduced over 150 posts made up of podcast reviews as well as podcaster interviews.

Podcasts Are The Best is maintained by Andrew Jacobs. There’s no “about” section on the site, and Andrew’s Google+ profile is pretty much empty. So, I can only speculate as to why Andrew decided to start the blog. Regardless, Podcasts Are The Best is very focused on independent podcasters as opposed to the latest and greatest from the usual big-media outlets.

It’s unclear as to how a podcast is considered for coverage on Podcasts Are The Best. But if you’re a podcast producer or just a fan of the medium, Podcasts Are The Best is worth checking out. You may learn something useful from one of the interviews or discover a new show to add to your podcast aggregator.

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