Product Hunt Launches Podcast Channel

Product Hunt logoProduct Hunt, a discussion-board style website similar to Digg and Reddit, recently launched a channel dedicated strictly to podcasts. Product Hunt works on an upvote/downvote system that allows users to push “products” they like to the top of each day’s product list. Thus, gaining more exposure for the stuff that’s got the most positive votes.

Product Hunt launched strictly as a tech-focused service. It eventually expanded into books and other media before adding podcasts. Product Hunt itself has an established history with podcasting, having launched its own Product Hunt Radio podcast over a year ago.

I looked at Product Hunt’s podcast channel for the first time today. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the most upvoted shows weren’t the typical selection of NPR/celebrity/comedy shows that are usually found at the top of the iTunes charts. It also looks like Product Hunt users are adding specific episodes of different podcasts to the site, as opposed to just overall podcast feeds.

But despite Product Hunt’s podcast channel not looking like the front page of iTunes, what is represented there is still fairly limited in scope. Most of the episodes added today are from either technology or business-focused podcasts. Hopefully, this’ll change over time as more users join the Product Hunt site and contribute to the podcast channel.