Podcast Pulse is Seeking Beta Testers

Podcast Pulse screen shotIt’s undeniable that the “industry” of podcasting has really grown over the last couple years. With this growth, a number of services have popped up to help podcasters produce their shows. Podcast Pulse is a new entrant into the podcasting services field.

Podcast Pulse is designed to make it easier for podcasters to find guests for their shows. Account holders can submit a request for a guest with a certain type of background, and Podcast Pulse will deliver those requests to its list of available guests. When a match is made, podcasters can then schedule the interview using Podcast Pulse’s built-in calendar. Podcast Pulse even has its own recording tool that will capture the interview audio and then export it for editing.

The creators of Podcast Pulse are at a pivotal point in the service’s development. They need to find 25 beta testers to continue to refine and improve the product:

We need your help. As avid podcast listeners and recent hosts, we understand the complexities and confusion around trying to find podcast guests. But we are only a small data point. That is why as we continue through the development process, we are opening up Podcast Pulse to 25 beta users. Once we reach 25 users, we will be closing the first beta round.

Let’s be clear. We very much are still in a proof of concept stage. If we can get 25 beta users we will continue to move forward with the development. If we don’t get 25 beta users, well, smell ya later!

The Podcast Pulse beta comes with some caveats. The biggest one being a requirement to pay for a $199 lifetime membership with the service. Still, Podcast Pulse is promising that if they can find 25 beta testers willing to make the beta buy-in, those beta users will have lifetime access to the service and will never have to pay again.

If you’d like to learn more about Podcast Pulse or sign up for the beta program, click the link at the top of this article.