Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android Now Available

Spreaker LogoSpreaker has introduced the new Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android. It has been designed to give users a lean-back listening experience. The app is free on the Google Play Store.

The app can be used to find popular podcasts and new favorites. It includes curated channels and lists which have been created by special sponsors and partners as well as Spreaker’s editorial team. Content is also personalized with new playlists that are created according to what you like to listen to.

The Channel section lets you browse through a list of channels, or stations, that are focused on a particular topic or theme. Tap on the Channel image and then tap play.

A player will appear at the bottom of your screen that gives you a continuous stream of episodes that have been pulled from different podcasts that all relate to the Channel’s theme. The Channels automatically update every time there are newly published episodes.

The Explore section contains curated, fixed, lists of podcasts that all related to each other in theme or topic. Use these lists to access a single podcast and then choose between the episodes of that particular podcast that are already available.

Users can customize their experience by “favoriting” the podcasts they enjoyed the most. You will end up with a list of Favorites that you can easily return to whenever you want. The Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android app also automatically generates playlists that you create as you listen, like, and download episodes.