Podcast Together is a Podcasting Co-Op

Podcast Together LogoPodcast Together is a modern day podcasting co-op. It is about podcasters helping other podcasters to grow their audiences and revenue. The main goal is to expose more listeners to each of the podcasts that is in the network, to offer support and services that make podcasting easier, and to have fun.

Podcast Together has an Indiegogo running right now. The funds from it appear to be going to support the Podcast Together website, and to make their mobile apps and database the best it can be. At the time I am writing this blog, the Indiegogo has 12 days left.

Those who become members will be expected to pay monthly dues. At the moment, a limited number of members will be accepted. Members who sign up before December 1, 2015, get a lifetime discount on their membership dues. In other words, those who sign up before that date will pay $39 a month for membership dues, while those who sign up later will pay $54 a month for membership dues.

Here is what the monthly dues get you:
* Unlimited podcast hosting with RSS feed generation
* SEO enhanced podcast page on PodcastTogether.com
* Podcast featured in Podcast Together Android and iOS app
* Full access to Podcast Guest Database
* Receive leads, introductions and connections to potential podcast advertisers
* Participation in professional online marketing
* Technical support
* Exclusive member support, tips, and cross promotion
* Additional services as determined by members

Podcast Together is member driven. The group will discuss, brainstorm, and vote on policies and ideas that can make the co-op even better. There will be a private Facebook group created for members only. Cross promotion is required. Every member is expected to help promote other member shows as well as the co-op website and app.

Here is what the Podcast Together website says about connecting advertisers to shows: “By creating this co-op network and growing large audiences we become very attractive to advertisers. We’ll be able to connect advertisers with member podcasts to create relationships that are mutually beneficial.”

Each podcast will have its own SEO enhanced page on the Podcast Together website. You can have that page be your show’s home, or you can use it in addition to your current website. Podcasters will have full control over their page. Your membership fees are for one podcast, so if you have more than one that you want to include in Podcast Together, you have to pay a separate membership fee for each of your shows.