TWiT is Hiring

TWiT logoThis Week In Tech (TWiT), the podcasting network founded by Leo Laporte, is advertising a job opening in New York. Until now, nearly all of TWiT’s shows have been produced at the company’s Petaluma, CA studios. The position has been posted on the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism website:

The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is planning to launch a live, weekly webcast about New York’s technology industry as part of the TWiT — This Week in Technology — network.
The show will feature discussion of New York’s technology scene with a regular host, Jeff Jarvis (CUNY J-School professor and a cohost of the network’s This Week in Google), a rotating cast of co-hosts, and guests from New York startups, venture-capital firms, incubators, media companies, universities, government, and elsewhere.

The listing goes on to say that the job will officially start in January of 2016. It will be full-time for the first six months, with a planned launch of the New York-based shows in May of 2016. After the footwork has been completed to get the show off the ground, the job will become a part-time 20 hours-per-week commitment. Initial training will begin in Petaluma. Then, it’s back to New York to help design and set up a New York studio. From there, the new show’s producer will receive help from, “students and alumni from the Journalism School (that) will assist the producer by researching topics for each show and identifying and booking guests.”

To learn more about this job opening and apply, click here.